Kohler re-affirms its commitment to Africa

Laura Kohler

Laura Kohler

Kohler re-affirms its commitment to Africa

Kohler Africa, a global leader in kitchen and bath plumbing products, has announced that its presence in Africa is fast expanding with dedicated showrooms in several sub-Saharan African countries including South Africa, Angola, Uganda, Kenya and Mauritius.

The potential of this market was clear and we realised the need to further strengthen our African roots prompting the opening of our dedicated office based in Johannesburg in February 2014. This office services the entire sub-Saharan region. The company will be opening a showroom in Nairobi, Kenya early next year and will drive further growth across the continent,” said Laura Kohler during a visit to South Africa in October. Laura is Senior Vice President – Human Resources & Stewardship at Kohler Co.

The company has a legacy of over 143 years in innovation, bold design and a singular level of quality over a broad range of price points. The core pillars of the company remain firmly entrenched in modern art, design technological innovation and craftsmanship aimed at creating a unique bathroom experience.

We pride ourselves on being able to adapt our style to the markets in which we operate, and Africa is no different. Pivotal to the Kohler brand is the level of quality that remains consistent across the product range, guaranteeing consumers a high quality product unique to Kohler standards, irrespective of the price. The creation of sustainable products that conserve water is a given requirement for any product we develop, which is particularly important in Africa,” she added.

Laura discussed the company’s stewardship programme in which over 30 000 Kohler associates around the world join together serving as stewards to strengthen their surrounding communities. There are currently 50 locations worldwide actively driving initiatives and moving forward for the greater good.

She also highlighted the recently launched Kohler Clarity water purification product, which can filter up to 40 litres of water per day, meeting the drinking water needs of a typical family. With an estimate ceramic filter life of up to one year, Clarity costs less than 1 cent (USD) per person per day to operate. At the end of the filter’s useful life, the cartridge can be easily removed and replaced, eliminating the need to purchase a new system.

In keeping with Kohler’s sustainable product development mind-set, the lid, base and nut contain recycled plastics from toilet seat production. The corrugated box, designed to minimise non-biodegradable packing material, is shaped to optimally fill a shipping container to reduce shipping costs and can be worn on the back for easy transport.

At Kohler, we believe better business and a better environment go hand in hand. We believe it, and we act on it. We feel a responsibility to work in harmony with nature, and in everything we do, we stay mindful of our responsibility to future generations. We’re learning as we go, and six years in, we believe more firmly than ever that integrating business and environmental principles is undeniably better – for our company, our associates, our customers and the environment. We believe, for us, it’s the only way forward,” concluded Kohler.

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