On-site training to offset building industry accidents

MBA WC LogoOn-site training to offset building industry accidents

The Federated Employer’s Mutual Assurance Company (FEM), which provides cover to employers in the construction industry, has revealed that during 2016 there were 889 accidents on construction sites in the Western Cape. Eight of these were fatal and 79 resulted in permanent disabilities.

“28 April is World Day for Safety and Health at Work”

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Deon Bester, Occupational Health and Safety Manager at the Master Builders Association of the Western Cape (MBA WC), says: “In comparison to 2015, there has been a 10% increase in the number of accidents. Furthermore, our injury rate has grown by 20% and the number of fatalities has risen by 700%. These figures are unacceptably high. We should be striving for zero fatalities and zero harm. Based on my experience, providing proper training can go a long way towards eliminating accidents and achieving this target.”
To facilitate this, the MBA WC is offering on-site Occupational Health and Safety training to its members’ employees as well as to their subcontractors through its newly acquired training vehicle. This service is also extended to FEM policy holders who are not members of the Association.

“Employee behaviour is a large contributor to accidents. Through the training vehicle, we provide short, high impact sessions that will change their mind-sets regarding their actions or in-actions. As these will take place at our members’ various sites around the Western Cape, production interruptions will be minimal,” shares Bester.

He continues: “We want employees in the industry to understand that employers do care for their health and safety and are trying to put measures in place to reduce accidents and injuries.”

The 30-minute slots will cover issues such as scaffold precautions, working safely at heights, the correct use, storage and maintenance of personal protective equipment as well as Hazchem safety. This may however be adjusted in accordance with the needs of the member.

The vehicle will spend between five and six hours on a site, with a timetable allowing for at least eight sessions, each of which will accommodate up to 12 people. There will be repeat visits to sites and some employees will receive numerous training sessions. “We would like to train at least 120 people per week,” adds Bester.

Equipped with a large screen TV and a gazebo to shelter workers whilst they undergo training, the vehicle is currently available two days a week and must be booked at least a fortnight in advance. A nominal fee of R 900, 00 (excluding VAT) will be charged per training day.

“Through the training vehicle, employees will receive the right information to equip them with the knowledge they need to perform tasks safely and without risk to their health and that of others,” concludes Bester.

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Engineers speak out on recent cabinet reshuffle


The bus rapid transit (BRT) Rea Vaya bridge linking Alexandra and Sandton was completed on schedule in April. Engineering consultancy firms Hatch, Royal HaskoningDHV and Malani Padayachee and Associates undertook the design and planning of the project, which was funded by the Johannesburg Development Agency. Hatch was also responsible for all procurement functions as well as construction of the project. Photo: John Thomé

The bus rapid transit (BRT) Rea Vaya bridge linking Alexandra and Sandton was completed on schedule in April.
Engineering consultancy firms Hatch, Royal HaskoningDHV and Malani Padayachee and Associates undertook the design and planning of the project, which was funded by the Johannesburg Development Agency.
Hatch was also responsible for all procurement functions as well as construction of the project.
Photo: John Thomé



Engineers speak out on recent cabinet reshuffle

Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) – the industry association for consulting engineers, representing a member base of over 500 companies which employ over 23000 people in various capacities – delivered the following statement in April:

“CESA is dismayed by the current cabinet reshuffle. As an industry we pride ourselves on excellence in the delivery of infrastructure projects.

The current cabinet reshuffle, which we accept as being the prerogative of the President, regrettably not only runs the risk of exacerbating the already troubled economic situation we find ourselves in, but also sends out a disturbing message on rewarding mediocrity and punishing excellence. The latter is counter-intuitive to the culture we seek to establish among young engineering professionals who will be responsible for ensuring the well-being of our infrastructure for generations to come.

CESA further would like to reiterate that the country cannot afford this questionable reshuffle based on the need for more “effectiveness and efficiency” according to the President, when this flies in the face of dispensing of the very performance needed to achieve this objective. As engineers we believe that a better approach would have been to dispense of the non-performers and bring on board more performers.

The industry is already experiencing difficulty amidst corruption, appointment of consulting engineering firms that have little or no track record of delivery and even mafia style criminal activity halting construction activity. The latter not only puts lives at risk but also affects job security in a sector where limited employment opportunities currently exist due to the already low levels of capital investment in infrastructure.

The junk status downgrade investment rating by Standard & Poor’s, a leading global credit rating agency, which emanated mostly from the political uncertainty confirmed by this ill-timed reshuffle, limits investor confidence further and will not only hamper economic growth, but will further limit our ability to create more jobs. Skilled engineering practitioners from various technical disciplines are currently being retrenched at a time when this has been identified as at least six out of the ten most scarce skills in the country.

The jury of course is always out on whether new appointees will be future star performers and whether some Ministers would have learnt from their past shortcomings. As an industry committed to the success and well-being of our country, in support of initiatives towards constructive and sustainable economic transformation, we offer our support to partner with those ministries entrusted with infrastructure delivery.

We, like all other citizens are committed to a South Africa that benefits all, in the present and for generations to come.“


Exhibit at Master Builders South Africa Congress 2017

MBSA-CONGRESS-THEME-compMaster Builders South Africa Congress – Exhibition
10 – 12 September 2017, Century City Conference Centre, Cape Town

“Building South Africa Together”.

Master Builders South Africa invites you to participate in its upcoming Annual Congress in Cape Town, Western Cape by exhibiting and promoting your organisation and the services it provides to a unique group of decision-makers from the Construction industry in Southern Africa.

This event is a major highlight on the construction industry calendar that is attended by leaders and owners of established and emerging businesses in the industry, senior government officials from sector departments, representatives from local government, financial institutions, suppliers in the construction industry and many more.

Approximately 400 delegates are expected to attend this year’s event, and a keynote address is expected from the Minister in the Presidency.

Additional information and online registration for delegates and exhibitors is available on the Master Builders Congress 2017 website

The 2017 Master Builders South Africa Congress is the 112th edition of this annual event, and is planned around the theme: “Building South Africa Together”.

For more information please contact +27 11 205 9000;

Building entrepreneurs through the Construction Input Incubation Programme

Building entrepreneurs through the Construction Input Incubation Programme

Ngwako Ramohlale, CEO at NAF Image: Sandton Chronicle

Ngwako Ramohlale, CEO at NAF
(Image: Sandton Chronicle)

constructionincubationrecruitmentphase_1_original (1)

Nunnovation Africa Foundation (NAF) has established a unique programme to develop and support entrepreneurs in the construction input manufacturing sector. The ‘Construction Input Incubation Programme’ is targeted at the Merafong and Rand West communities in Gauteng’s West Rand. Now in the final stages of the recruitment process, this exciting initiative is set to change the lives of entrepreneurs and their communities in the region.
Ngwako Ramohlale, CEO at NAF says, “Changing the face of economic development in the country is very important to us. All our programmes are designed to inform, educate and inspire people from our communities while increasing their earning potential to improve their lives. The construction industry will benefit greatly from this transformation initiative and we pride ourselves in being the change agents to influence this much-needed change.”
The recruitment process started in November 2016 and is now in the final stage of selecting the 30 beneficiaries who will be incubated for the next 18 months. The Incubation Programme was officially be launched at the Incubation facility based in Westonaria in April 2017.
Nunnovation has several empowerment programmes aimed at equipping historically disadvantaged individuals from various communities with industry specific skills across industries. The Construction Input Incubation Programme is geared to develop small businesses in manufacturing steel, rainwater, paint, cement and carpentry products.
Funded by various organisations including Sibanye Gold (Pty) Ltd., and the Department of Small Business Development, the vision for the programme is to elevate entrepreneurs beyond mere survivalist modes of operation to sustainable black owned manufacturing enterprises. This project is aimed at boosting the local economy of Westonaria and surrounding areas. The main objective is to develop specialised manufacturing technology driven products that will give them a competitive advantage in the market.
Due to the envisaged high impact results of this programme and the emerging businesses, there is the unique advantage of collaborating with each business to explore further potential and opportunities as a programme partner. As a potential partner of the programme, corporate organisations can gain substantial benefits from their association with this programme and contribute to the drive for inclusive economic growth in the country.
“Programmes of this nature and magnitude need major financial resources to back them for the goal to be successfully realised. Creating black industrialist is our goal. The industry is teeming with opportunity and we’re are excited about partnering with both public and private sector companies on key aspects for this programme,” says Zandile Mabena, Partnership and Sponsorship Manager at NAF.
Should your business have an interest in joining this ground-breaking programme, contact Zandile at: zandile@nunnovation.com
Nunnovation Africa Foundation is a registered and reputable Non-Profit Company that operates across the African continent to capacitate disadvantaged communities with access to innovative technology and resources that would lead to socio-economic transformation within their communities.



Architectural cement features prominently on Thokoza’s new fire station

A total of 2 500 cubic metres of AfriSam readymix concrete was used during the construction of the Thokoza Fire Station

A total of 2 500 cubic metres of AfriSam readymix concrete was used during the construction of the Thokoza Fire Station

Architectural cement features prominently on Thokoza’s new fire station

A new fire station is being built in the heart of Thokoza on Khumalo Street. The building and civil work contractor, Buildagain Projects 203, is on schedule to complete the project on time for the Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality Disaster and Emergency Management Services (DEMS).

When completed, the fire station will comprise a concrete structure building, a heavy-duty parking facility for the fire trucks, a wash bay, a generator room and first aid facilities. “The contract also includes a large area of external works,” Ravine Perumal, managing member of Buildagain Projects 203, tells South African Builder.

In total the external works make up 4 500 m2 and include a concrete hardstand area, a concrete road leading from the fire station site to Khumalo Street and a parking area for 38 vehicles.

“We’ve partnered with AfriSam on previous building and civil projects and when we saw the volumes and technical aspects of the concrete works on this contract we knew we’d be able to rely on the timeous delivery of readymix from the company as well as its reliable pumping services,” Perumal says.

A completed section of the concrete road leading from the new Thokoza Fire Station to Khumalo Street

A completed section of the concrete road leading from the new Thokoza Fire Station to Khumalo Street

Significantly, Buildagain Projects 203 secured the project on open tender, and Perumal says the contractor is proud to be associated with this vital structure that will bring much needed protection to the community of Thokoza.

AfriSam has supplied customised suspended slab, surface bed and foundation mixes to the project as well as G5 and G6 aggregates for the base layers of the external works. During construction of the building structure 2 500 m3 of readymix concrete was used while 1 700 m3 of readymix has been used to date to construct the external elements.

The concrete structure features intricate concrete decking with multiple beams.

The concrete structure features intricate concrete decking with multiple beams

“AfriSam will supply a total of 3 700 m3

The fire engine wash bay under construction

The fire engine wash bay under construction

of readymix to the Thokoza Fire Station

The control tower being constructed

The control tower under construction

project,” Amit Dawneerangen, AfriSam national sales manager Gauteng, says. “For the external works we will be supplying a total of 3 390 t of G5 and G6 materials for 6 000 m3 of layer works,” he adds.

The site sits atop dolomitic ground resulting in the need for substantial raft foundations with a depth of 1 m. A total of 1 500 m3 of readymix concrete and 380 tons of reinforcing was used during the laying of these foundations. In terms of decking, the building structure was intricate as decks required multiple beams in various dimensions. “For this reason we used timber formwork that we could cut and adjust accordingly,” Perumal explains.

The new Thokoza Fire Station features exterior concrete walls as aesthetic elements

The new Thokoza Fire Station features exterior concrete walls as aesthetic elements

“We used a formwork team from the local community and brought them in-house under guidance from our existing foremen,” he continues.

“Our service from AfriSam has been terrific in terms of delivering on time and product quality,” Perumal states. “For a project like this, where every element is being constructed with concrete, the service received was crucial to ensure we could meet the construction programme and client deadline,” he continues.

AfriSam also supplied 3 390 t of G5 aggregate for the layer works on the project

AfriSam also supplied 3 390 t of G5 aggregate for the layer works on the project

The building architecture is modern and features glass and concrete work as aesthetic elements. The floors of the three storey building will be finished with an epoxy layer and lots of the finishing components are aluminium.

The ground floor of the fire station consists of offices and parking bays for fire trucks, and first-aid facilities while the first floor has ablution facilities, a lift shaft and a large volume open area for exercising and recreation. On the second floor sits the control tower and a “green” area that will become another entertainment and recreation area for firemen that will afford them a 360 degree view of the surrounding areas.

Buildagain Projects 203 is a 100% BBEEE building and civils contractor founded in 2002 by Ravine and Sangeetha Perumal. It has 6CE PE & 6GB PE contractor grading from the CIDB and is a registered member of the National Home Builders Registration Council.

AFRISAM-thokoza fire station-2017-PIC 07

An artist’s impression of the new Thokoza Fire Station

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An array of new elements to greet attendees to the African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo


Captains of Construction and Infrastructure Leadership Forum panel discussion, African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo 2016

An array of new elements to greet attendees to the African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo 2017

On 23 and 24 May 2017, an anticipated 9 000 members of the construction, cement and concrete industries are expected to attend the fifth annual African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand.

ace-tce-exprom-banner-213-x-184px-tc-141216This 2017 edition of Africa’s mega construction and infrastructure show will feature a range of new elements in response to the evolving African construction marketplace.

Among these will be six dedicated zones throughout the interactive indoor and outdoor exhibition, covering concrete, construction, digital construction, mechanical electrical and plumbing (MEP) services, surfaces and finishes as well as tools and equipment. In addition to the 250 exhibitors, each zone will feature a working group advisory panel. The Expo’s Programme Director, Soren du Preez, says: “The six zones ensure that the show truly represents the entire built environment value chain with something for everyone who visits.”

A highlight of the 2017 show will undoubtedly be the complimentary Thought Leadership Keynote Session where the Honourable Minister of Human Settlements, Lindiwe Sisulu will be addressing delegates on creating a favourable regulatory climate for infrastructure investment in Southern Africa.

Other augmentations to the Expo include: the Contractor’s Corner – offering Africa’s first live-streaming masterclass for boosting the soft and hard skills of building contractors; and interactive workshops on the Expo floor.

Four co-located events will take place during the Expo: the Smart Buildings & Infrastructure Africa Summit; Women in Construction Awards; Captains of Construction and Infrastructure Leadership Forum; and Digital Construction Speakers at the Leadership Forum include Mbulelo Tshangana, Director General of the Department of Human Settlements; Abram Masango, Group Executive of Group Capital at Eskom and John Tanui, CEO of the Konza Technopolis Development Authority from Kenya.

The Women in Construction Awards enables the industry to celebrate its women pioneers and rising stars who have made a vital contribution to development. Hosted as a gala dinner in 2017, this prestigious awards ceremony promotes gender empowerment and industry transformation.

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Participate in driving the NDP at the Vision 2030 Summit

V2030 logo (1) Participate in driving the NDP at the Vision 2030 Summit

Copy of Minister Jeff Radebe

Minister Jeff Radebe

The 3rd annual Vision 2030 Summit will be held from 21-22 June 2017 at the Birchwood Hotel, Gauteng. This will be an opportunity to join South Africa’s leaders in both government and the private sector to take action and drive economic acceleration and transformation to where it should be.
The Vision 2030 Summit – under the endorsement of the National Planning Commission – aims to publicise the activities around the implementation of the National Development Plan (NDP) and to encourage collaboration among all stakeholders, including business, government and civil society by providing an inclusive platform for members of the Presidency, key government dignitaries and private sector leaders to share insights, engage and discuss the vision for the National Development Plan for South Africa.

The purpose of the Summit is to showcase and recognise all the good work that has been done with the implementation of The National Development Plan and the opportunities that arise as a result of the coordinated effort for organisations, society and the country. Vision 2030 aims to bring the best minds and role players together to identify opportunities and see how they can collaborate to deliver the services and products quicker, so that South Africa can become more productive and grow faster.

The challenge of realising the NDP is a collaborative one – and public private partnerships (PPPs) are a prerequisite in order to achieve its successful execution.
“All South Africans have a responsibility to make sure that we implement the recommendations and findings of the NDP. We owe it, not only to ourselves, but also to our children and their children.” – Ryland Fisher, Editorial Director, Vision 2030.

To register for this event visit: http://vision2030.co.za/tickets/ and QUOTE code: GOV01 for your 10% discount. Only available to SA Builder and Government Digest readers.

A sealant for every application

1-NEW PIC-DEN BRAVEN-Product Range Sept 2016A sealant for every application

The world renowned Den Braven product range offers contractors sealant solutions for use across the building and construction industry.

Each of these products is specifically designed and formulated to fulfil the exact needs for applications such as glazing, plumbing, fenestration, flooring, fire protection, DIY and hardware fields. In addition these products find application in the automotive, general manufacturing and mining industries, to name a few.

The following overview of a small selection of these products provides some insight as to the design detail for the application of each, the quality and tight specification – and what can therefore be expected from other products in the range.

Den Braven Hybriflex-540 – The professional versatile sealant
3--DEN BRAVEN--Hybriflex 540
This is a versatile expansion joint sealer which can be used to seal all types of external or internal façade joints, expansion, construction joints and joints in precast elements. It can also be used for external walling and cladding joints, infill panel joints, curtain walling, window and door frame sealing and many other applications. It has excellent movement capability and requires minimum surface preparation.

Hybriflex-540, which conforms to the South African Green Building Council standards, is a one-component, moisture-curing, low-modulus sealant and adhesive, free from isocyanates and silicones and with a low VOC content, making it environmentally friendly. It is also chemical and tear resistant – an important criterion if one considers the chemicals and detergents used to keep floors sanitized. The product does not bubble or yellow and has high resistant to UV degradation and weathering. Ideal for use with polyethylene backing cord (available from Den Braven).

The product is available in 290 ml cartridges as well as 600 ml foil packs in white, grey and beige.
The FireProtect® range
Den Braven FireProtect is a complete range of fully certified and approved passive fire products for application in expansion and connection joints, openings and surface penetrations, between fire compartments.

Passive fire protection products are the primary materials included in the construction of a building. By correctly applying these products, the fundamental and legal requirements of compartmentalisation can be met. Additionally, they contribute to the structural stability of a building and provide time to safely evacuate or clear it. Passive fire protection limits the spread of flames and smoke, which also limits the transfer and spreading of fire between fire compartments.

The Den Braven Fire Protect range consists of an FP Acrylic sealant, FP Silicone sealant, FP Hybrid sealant and FP PU foam filler. Each of these specialised products can have fire retardancy of up to four hours and international fire certifications.
Den Braven High Tack
5--DEN BRAVEN-IMG_0015 copy
High Tack has an extremely high initial adhesion power and can be used for adhesion of substrates of up to 25 kg with no mechanical fixing required

High Tack adheres to many substrates such as stone, glass and glazed surfaces, porcelain, coated metals, stainless steel, finished wood and many more. It is ideal to secure kitchen counter-tops, tiles, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, splash-backs and kick-plates.

High Tack is odourless, non-corrosive, UV and water resistant. Together with its low VOC level it conforms to the SA Green Building Council standards. The cartridge is also recyclable.

Den Braven’s factory in Romania is one of many in Europe

Den Braven’s factory in Romania is one of many in Europe

Den Braven is known as a world leader in the development and manufacture of sealants, adhesives and PU expansion foams and is an authority in the field of dedicated concepts that provide complete solutions – both locally and internationally.

A hallmark of Den Braven South Africa’s ethos is its dedication to providing in-depth product training for its clients, coupled with ease of supply through its Johannesburg warehouse and comprehensive sales support and service.

Den Braven South Africa’s slick interactive website enables customers and contractors to easily select the right product for the job and also provides a wealth of technical information.

Our construction industry is healthier than many people believe

Our construction industry is healthier than many people believeMASTER BUILDERS NEW LOGO


It is therefore unfortunate and not unexpected that our attendance as well as media coverage of the Construction Summit held last week in Midrand has been drowned out and overtaken by other bigger national events beyond our control as alluded to above.

Bafikile Bonke Simelane, President, Master Builders South Africa

Bafikile Bonke Simelane, President, Master Builders South Africa

Our previous theme of “Courage and resilience in the face of adversity” could not be more relevant under these circumstances. It is therefore important that we do not lose sight of the positive intent and beneficial impact of the Voluntary Rebuilding Programme (VRP); and associated Declaration of Integrity (DoI) that was the predominant subject of the Construction Summit as a potentially strategic tool for the advancement of transformation in our industry/sector.
Master Builders South Africa affirmed its commitment to this new covenant as a blueprint and strategic road map for real, meaningful and sustainable transformation in our sector. While we acknowledge that it is not a perfect document, its foundational and ground-breaking aspects cannot be ignored. It is therefore up to all role players as well as all interested and affected parties to play their part in the realisation of its vision, objectives and “desired end-state” for the benefit of the industry as a whole.
We remain steadfast in our belief that the VRP together with the new Preferential Procurement Regulations and the imminent Construction Sector Charter Codes will deepen and accelerate transformation in the construction industry bearing in mind that transformation is a long-term project.
It was also heartening to read that the FNB/BER Building Confidence Index improved for the third consecutive quarter, rising by 3 points to 43 in 1Q2017, marking the highest confidence in more than a year. However, even though confidence improved, the current level of the index indicates that the majority (close to sixty per cent) of respondents are dissatisfied with prevailing business conditions. The investment downgrade will most certainly exacerbate this sentiment unfortunately.
This will no doubt undermine confidence in the public infrastructure build programme operating under the slogan “Turn South Africa into a Construction Site” considering that public expenditure accounts for about 55% of total construction expenditure. This is also against a 14% decline in total capital expenditure in 2016 by State-Owned Entities.
It was therefore somewhat reassuring to also read the findings of the inaugural Afrimat Construction Index which suggests that construction activity in South Africa is not as depressed as suggested by the media, large construction firms or industry analysts.
This study supports Afrimat’s argument over the last five years that construction is healthier than many people believed. This bodes well for the future despite recent political and economic setbacks by which we must not be overly panicked but remain resolute and focused; difficult as that may be under the currently over-charged political, social and economic environment of volatility, uncertainty, unpredictability, complexity and instability compounded by low growth.
I am reminded at this time of one of my favourite poems, “If” by Rudyard Kipling. “…If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run…” Have a blessed and safe Easter. Let’s unite around Freedom Day to reclaim the promise heralded by the dawning of our new nation in 1994.

Bafikile Bonke Simelane

Are you actively reducing your carbon footprint?

carbon offset

4 April 2017

Are you actively reducing your carbon footprint?
Navigating the new Carbon Tax Law and the call for reduced CO2 emissions

The South African construction industry is well placed to play a key role in the reduction of CO2 emissions, in particular cement manufacturers and clay brick production plants – many of which are in fact well advanced in these programmes.

Leading Carbon Advisor and Director at Promethium Carbon, Ms Harmke Immink

Leading Carbon Advisor and Director at Promethium Carbon, Ms Harmke Immink

To this end, South African Builder attended a highly informative session about the Carbon Tax and Carbon Offsets held in March 2017 in Johannesburg under the auspices of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Minara Chamber, the Nordic Business Association and the Southern African Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (SANEC). Here leading Carbon Advisor and Director at Promethium Carbon, Ms Harmke Immink, delivered an enlightening address entitled “How to Navigate the New Carbon Tax Law and the Call for Reduced CO2 Emissions.”

Closely coupled to this address, Chief Economist at Nedbank group, Mr Dennis Dykes, followed with insightful aspects relating economic practicalities of carbon offset trading.


“Under the draft legislation, carbon offsets enable firms to cost-effectively lower their carbon tax liability,” said Immink. Carbon offsets are down from R120 per ton in 2012 to around R20 per ton today, resulting in many companies putting their offset programmes on pause. But with South Africa’s CO2 emissions being twice the world average our generation has the enormous responsibility to mitigate climate change trends and drastically reduce carbon emissions over the next decade.”


Immink went on to describe the Peak Plateau and Decline trajectory (PPD) which is designed to govern and coordinate South Africa’s reduction of CO2 emissions at national level through to 2050.

“Although there is currently much uncertainty around the structure of carbon tax, its links to carbon offsets and the implementation of the new Carbon Tax Law arising from disjointed government departments such as Treasury, the Department of the Environment and the Department of Trade and Industry – the message remains clear: companies need to keep the door open and be well prepared regarding carbon offset credits,” concluded Immink.


Dennis Dykes, Chief Economist at Nedbank group

On the economic front, Dennis Dykes pointed out that there is much energy incentive for carbon offset trading in the manufacturing sector, in particular plant such as smelters, cement manufacturing kilns and conversion of coal fired brick-making kilns to gas.

In this vein “The nuclear deal could go badly wrong” said Dykes, stressing that the direction South Africa should take on energy is to build renewable energy production to satisfy around 80% of the demand – thus inherently reducing the country’s carbon footprint.