Kelly Inder-Nesbitt, experienced Environmental Control Officer (ECO)

Experienced Environmental Control Officer (ECO) and compliance monitoring / auditing seeks position with professional well established company – Gauteng.

Kelly Inder-Nesbitt

Location: Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa
Qualifications: Master of Science in Geography and Environmental Studies
Experience: 7 years
Languages: English, Afrikaans

Personal Profile
With a portfolio of diverse skills and knowledge in the environmental industry for four years, and two years running my own company in the food manufacturing industry, I believe that I possess the required skills and knowledge to be a valuable asset in any organisation. I have commendable qualifications, experience and expertise, that will contribute meaningfully to the achievement of company objectives and goals.

I am able to utilize creativity, leadership and teamwork to design and execute solutions that create value whilst analysing intricate and difficult situations and provide quick and effective solutions. I am an astute, results-oriented leader with a proven ability to solving problems through applying lateral thinking with strong leadership reinforced by solid ethics, good industry knowledge and experience.

I am a confident communicator with the ability to compellingly convey the message at hand to all levels of stakeholders, both internal and external. With a team oriented style and excellent interpersonal skills, I place a strong emphasis on high work quality, timeliness and accuracy of work.

I am able to analyse, plan, manage and motivate to achieve immediate and long-term goals. My proven ability to complete tasks quickly and skillfully as well as reach decisions quickly while working on multiple projects/portfolios is a testimony of my time management ability. My attention to detail and logical approach to problem finding and resolution will contribute to the success of tasks and activities.

I am a positive and interactive individual who is focused on pursuing a challenging employment opportunity that promotes and encourages development, professional growth and leadership within a multi-dimensional, performance-oriented career.

Career Synopsis
From a very young age I have been passionate about the environment and all its facets. My curiosity towards considering the world led me to pursue a degree in biogeography and conservation, combining my love for the earth, the creatures that inhabit it and how us as humans effect it. My Masters Degree therefore set me up to walk into Environmental Impact Management Services Pty Ltd (EIMS) as a consultant.

There I learnt to accept new challenges, become a cross level communicator and a team player. During my four years as an environmental consultant I drafted reports for environmental impact assessments, water use licenses, scoping reports and basic assessments as well as conducted compliance monitoring and audits. However, I found that I excelled in the compliance monitoring and auditing sectors where I was responsible for daily environmental compliance monitoring, audits and inspections in accordance with the project’s Environmental Authorisation (EA), permits, licenses, and Environmental Management Plans. Working in a consulting environment was often challenging and taught me valuable time management skills and how to work under pressure. After leaving the environmental sector I took on the position of Operations Manager at African National Foods CC (ANF) where we manufactured raw materials for the food industry.

Changing industries for me was very daunting but also afforded me the opportunity to learn a number of different skill sets. As I showed myself to be disciplined and driven in the role of Ops Manager, I was elevated to the position of Partner in the company. As Partner I have had to become a proactive, ambitious and motivated go getter, as a big part of running your own company requires one to ensure that you are always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas in your respective industry to stay relevant. I have been at ANF for 2 years.

In order to keep my soul fed, I joined the North-West Parks Board as an Honorary Officer in 2014 – a voluntary role with duties performed on weekends. I remain an active member, carrying out honorary duties during my spare time. In this role, I assist in conservation efforts within the parks associated with North West Province game reserves. My duties consist of; very important species monitoring, counter poaching assistance and extended patrols visitor management. Besides these duties, I assist the NWP&TB with additional tasks as and when required.
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