Construction Economic Activity Urgent Notice

Construction Industry Update:
  1. Commercial Construction will operate at Level 3 currently, however we have submitted a motivation to operate at Level 4


The government has developed a strategy for the country, provinces, districts and metros to be classified on a 5-level risk scale. Level One being low risk to level five being the highest risk level.  These levels will determine the restrictions in place at any given time.


According to the draft strategy, the Commercial construction industry is classified at risk “LEVEL 3”. While residential construction is classified at risk ‘’LEVEL 2’’

From 1 May 2020, the overall country risk level will be moved from level 5 (hard lockdown) to “LEVEL 4”.


The Construction industry will therefore for now NOT resume on 1 May 2020 as previously hoped.

As we stand at the moment, the industry start-up will be at “LEVEL 3” and it is unclear when this will occur. See attached document: ‘’permitted good and services movement..’’

We will keep you informed of any changes following our submission below and the way forward.


  1. Submission to government to motivate for earlier return to work for Construction Industry

That said, in response to Government’s call for comments (confined to Level 4) pertaining to the proposed five-phase strategy to end the national lockdown, MBA North members were requested to forward their input to the Association to allow for a collective submission on behalf of the membership by Master Builders South Africa to move Commercial Construction from Level 3 to level 4.

We thank our members for comments received. In order to cover a wider submission, the Association included its input with the submission made on behalf of the industry, by the Construction COVID-19 Rapid Response Task Team attached (Comment on the Proposed…).


  1. Continued Member Support:


We remain focused on our members’ immediate needs and remain available to support members in respect of Labour Relations, Health & Safety, Training and Contractual matters.


Please keep following us on Email and on our Website and LinkedIn accounts.


Executive Director:

Mohau Mphomela

Comment on the Proposed Risk Based Model for Economic Activity Permitted goods_ services and movement _Distribution Version_ _4_ 20200425


Permitted goods_ services and movement _Distribution Version_ _4_ 20200425

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