COVID-19 Brief Update

The Construction Industry Rapid Response Task Team (CC19RRTT) has been consulting with various government departments over the last few days to get re-activate all construction sites under Level 3. The MBA has been consulted and have given further input on behalf of our member companies.
The latest consultation was specifically regarding the transporting of workers when we re-open as an industry. Deadlines have been tight so we are expecting an announcement soon.
Even though the country will soon be moving to Lockdown Level 3, the MBA has also resubmitted adjusted proposals for all construction work to fall under level 4.
We will advise on any announcements via email, Website, Facebook and Twitter. Please follow us there.
Please take care, continue to abide by the regulations and, by all means, approach the MBA for help in implementing all these new regulations. We are here to support and assist you through this difficult time.
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