Grinaker-LTA Welcomes Infrastructure Build Programme Aimed At Kickstarting The Economy

President Cyril Ramaphosa and the South African government are to be commended for their balanced response to the COVID-19 global crisis – a challenge some world leaders have inadequately handled.

The social relief and economic support package announced by the President last night are signs of responsible and good leadership in the new world order we inhabit: a people-centred world and global economy.

As a business, Grinaker-LTA welcomes the President’s emphasised commitment to the implementation of a “substantial infrastructure build programme” to help the South African economy recover from COVID-19. This is a much-needed confidence boost for the construction sector, which is a key sector for the economy.

Grinaker-LTA is eagerly awaiting the easing and lifting of the lockdown so we can resume projects we had to halt.

We however welcome and appreciate the importance of measures to re-open the sector in a responsible manner, as we have to balance the priority of our continued financial sustainability with preventing further loss of lives.

The implementation of the lockdown was obviously less than ideal though necessary. Grinaker-LTA, however, is raring to go as soon as it is lifted.

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