TCI Finalises Online Concrete Training Programme For Next Year

The Concrete Institute’s School of Concrete Technology (SCT) has finalised its programme of online training courses for 2021. Fourteen courses are planned, including the start of the pinnacle of concrete diploma courses: Advanced Concrete Technology.

John Roxburgh, Senior Lecturer at the SCT, says the SCT ran its last lecture-driven course at the end of March 2020 and was forced, due to lockdown regulations, to abandon lecture room training after that. “But we fortunately had experience in delivering e-learning courses through SCT41 and SCT42, the UK’s Institute of Concrete Technology’s General Principles and Practical Application courses, which the school has presented on an e-learning basis for several years. This proved invaluable for a fast conversion of all the more popular SCT courses onto an e-learning platform and within two months, the SCT could offer 10 different courses online. These courses, where applicable, have been granted the same CPD accreditation as the lecture room-based courses.”

Roxburgh says the SCT quickly learnt that the online course versions offer some surprisingly good advantages. These included:

  • Substantial reduction in costs (major online discounts will still apply next year);
  • Flexibility for the student with work or time-constraints;
  • No travel and accommodation needed;
  • More time available to study;
  • Better understanding of the subject through a three-pronged approach that includes self-study with tests, videos that can be watched repeatedly, and face-to-face contact with the lecturer on electronic meeting platforms.

“Because of these significant benefits, the concrete and concrete-related industries have welcomed online training and the school’s training has resulted in many satisfied students graduating and receiving online course certificates in 2020.”

The SCT is gearing to present its next Advanced Concrete Technology (ACT-SCT50) course for the Institute of Concrete Technology at the beginning of 2022. “As acceptance for this prestigious programme requires a pass in the SCT41 and SCT42 courses, it is advisable for prospective ACT-SCT 50 students to complete the SCT41 and SCT42 courses next year. The examinations for these will be written in May 2021.”

Roxburgh adds: “For those looking for a career in concrete technology, there are many opportunities available. South Africa has a massive need for competent concrete practitioners in admixture sales, laboratories, construction companies, ready mixed and precast concrete suppliers, concrete repair facilities, cement and aggregate production, and mining, to name just a few sectors. The SCT has structured a progression of course levels that will allow a prospective student to enrol at a level that matches his or her competency. There are no short cuts to becoming a good concrete technologist and study is essential. The SCT has all the educational requirements to help meet these goals,” he states.

For more information and the full 2021 online training programme, visit or email or, or phone 011 315 0300.



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