The Perfect Tool For Crane Planning

Whether planning a new factory, plant or warehousing extensions, drawing up architectural plans or designs that accurately reflect crane space requirements will save time, eliminate cost wastage whilst enhancing productivity and safety.

Architects, industrial designers and metal building manufacturers can now access vast amounts of crane-related data and the Konecranes electronic crane catalogue by using their Crane Planner tool. The embedded and simple online search tool offers a quick source of referencing for correct crane selection, crane space requirements, wheel loads, 3D models and 2D drawings.

“Our simple crane planning tool, Crane Planner, enables designers, particularly architects and metal building manufacturers, to quickly specify their crane requirements, view and compare designs via access to over 1000 pre-design cranes with 2D and 3D drawings,” said Emil Berning, Managing Director.

“We believe the Crane Planner tool offered by Konecranes also functions as an educational tool, in terms of how to minimise total costs and add value through correct crane selection, installation and improved crane handling procedures – all factors that impact positively upon safety, a non-negotiable element of crane usage,” said Berning.

What Crane Planner offers

Konecranes’ Crane Planner tool has been specifically designed for architectural use, making design, comparison and final blueprints for crane requirements quicker, more thoroughly researched and more cost-effective.

It offers:

  • 2D and 3D drawings with wheel loads and build-in dimensions
  • Online access to over 1000 pre-design cranes
  • Creates unique value by providing technical consultation
  • Eliminates down time for building designers
  • Creates tighter cooperation between builders and consultants
  • Offers a hub with brochures and cross references from similar cases
  • Optimises the crane and building process at the same time, making it a win-win for all parties

Berning said: “The application of the crane and associated lifting systems is an element that should receive more focus in the very early stages of the design of suggested building plans. Incorrect space allocation and confined and non-practical operational placement places operators in a possibly unsafe workspace which could have major health and safety consequences. Likewise, the choice of the wrong crane type and associated components has an immediate impact on a company’s return on investment and performance levels. Both of these elements have a direct impact of cost-efficiencies at site.”

“Our Crane Planner is a key tool to ensure that crane planning is accurately researched, giving architects access to all critical information and best in design that is needed to ensure that the resulting crane installation is functional, correctly installed, gives optimised performance and is 100% safety compliant. Metal building manufacturers who need the crane data as a base of the dimensioning of the building will find Crane Planner of particular benefit.

“This online tool is another element of Konecranes’ ongoing investment into technology that enables us to offer high-performance, practical and safe lifting solutions to our customers. It enables us to strengthen our customer relationships through an improved awareness of our services and products and to build upon our reputation as the preferred crane supplier,” concluded Berning.

Crane Planner demonstration video:



High-Speed Doors Can Increase Productivity

With companies under pressure to ensure as contactless operation as possible, automated high-speed doors are becoming a viable option. Not only does use of this type of door increase productivity, but it will allow the opening and closing function to be done without the need for personnel to touch the actual door.

This is according to Wim Dessing, Sales Executive at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, who says there has been an increase in enquiries for these high-speed doors with interest being shown predominantly from manufacturing operations, as well companies in the storage and warehousing sector.

“High speed doors, unlike the conventional roller shutter door, are quick and easy to open, and the entire process can be automated, significantly improving productivity and importantly hygiene,” Dessing says. “Reducing unnecessary standing time for equipment and vehicles carrying goods enables companies to enhance their supply chain logistics with further knock-on benefits.”

Apex Strip Curtains & Doors is the leading local manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of door products including high speed roll-up and fold up doors, general purpose strip curtains and welding and safety screens.

Dessing emphasises that apart from the obvious cost savings another major advantage when dealing with a local manufacturer is the vastly reduced lead times.

High speed roll-up and fold-up doors are suitable for a wide variety of applications. The doors do not hinder personnel, forklift or vehicular traffic.

The Sector high speed roll-up door, manufactured by Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, delivers both functionality and performance. These compact doors are robust enough to cope with the intensive demands of heavy and continuous traffic and feature an integral unit incorporating the actuator, controls, safety devices and balancing systems. Sector doors are structurally flexible with transparent or coloured interchangeable panels.

The company’s range of Traffic high-speed fold-up doors offer a sturdy, dependable and modular solution for medium and large entrances such as shipment and warehouse areas, and are particularly suited to conditions where wind is a factor.

Made from strong self-extinguishing Class 2 fabric with excellent thermal insulation properties, this door has been designed to resist a wind loading of up to 50km per hour. The supporting structure is manufactured from high-quality galvanised steel to ensure optimum durability and, if the application requires it, vision windows can be incorporated in the panels.

A counterweighted balancing system ensures high standards of performance and safety. The built-in automation unit protects the components from wear caused by the elements.

The Traffic high speed doors are controlled by an electronic unit that complies with all IEC regulations. It can be activated by any type of remote control equipment including photocells, pressure sensitive mats, movement detectors or induction loops.

All Apex Strip Curtains & Doors products are manufactured in accordance with international standards using materials that comply with stringent hygiene and safety criteria.


Kemach Launches Forklift Range

Kemach has launched their new range of Kemach Forklifts for the South African and sub-Saharan African markets, which will be promoted under their newly formed Kemach Forklifts division.

Speaking at their March 2020 presentation, held at their offices in Boksburg, Gauteng, Frans van den Heever, General Manager for Kemach Forklifts, said: “We at Kemach are delighted to announce the Kemach Forklift range, in partnership with Anhui Heli, which we believe will complement our existing quality earthmoving products. The Kemach Forklift range offers our customers a South African forklift warranty first – a five years / 12,000hr warranty on the complete machine, not just parts of the machine.”

The Kemach range of forklifts have specified Japanese engines, Heli built ZF transmissions and robotically manufactured chassis, ensuring premium brand quality at very competitive pricing. “The range comprises from a walk-behind powered pallet jack up to 45-ton container handling units, enabling us to compete in all sectors of the market. Kemach has a national footprint of         11 branches and 8x sub-dealers across South Africa, giving us the biggest footprint in the materials handling industry when it comes to service-ability and guaranteeing uptime for our customers,” said van den Heever.

The construction industry contributes 4% of the South African GDP and the forklift industry taps into more than 80% of the markets that form the GDP of South Africa, so we are confident and optimistic about our ability to successfully penetrate the materials handling markets, explained van den Heever.

The supplier agreement between Kemach Forklift and Anhui Heli was formed in January2020. Anhui Heli is the biggest forklift manufacturer in China and complies with all European standards as well as being ISO approved.

Local input

The forklifts will offer customers the lowest cost of ownership over the lifetime of the machine due to its reliability and competitive pricing. Local support features include aftermarket suppliers for battery and charger supplies, forklift attachments and management systems. Driver training and monitoring through Kemach’s forklift management system is also available.

Stock forklift machines can be delivered within two weeks, while non-stock machines can be delivered from the factory within 10 to 12 weeks. Kemach Forklift has a large local stock holding at their off-site stock yard.

The Kemach promise: Solutions not just machines

“We believe Kemach Forklift is about offering solutions, not just selling machines – whether that be from charging stations to full battery bays or load handling to facility layouts. We will work with our customers to assess their requirements and subsequently recommend the best machine for the application – if you need to move an object, we will offer you the most cost-effective way to do it!” commented van den Heever.

The vision for the Kemach forklift business is to supply a world class machine to the materials handling industry, serviced and maintained by a world class facility like Kemach. The mission for the Kemach forklift business is to be one of the industry leaders by 2025.



Quick thinking to reconfigure product offering safeguards staff salaries

Quick thinking  on the part of Zap Signs has allowed the small Ballito company to manufacture sell  Sneeze Screens to pay the salaries of all their staff in April.

The company has drawn on all skills it uses to produce traditional signage to create an innovative range of Sneeze Screens and decals to assist retailers during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“We have created a range of Sneeze Screens that can easily be installed to protect a company’s staff.  The screens encourage social distancing but also provide a protective physical transparent barrier between counter staff and customers,” says company founder, Lyall Berkeley, who runs the business with his brother Kirk.

The company also produces full colour social distancing floor decals which can assist customers in retail outlets to ensure that the correct social distancing is maintained. Up until now, many outlets have simply used tape strips on floors which has created a great deal of confusion or has been completely ignored by shoppers.

These perspex Sneeze Guards come in three standard sizes – large (front face 600mm side x 800mm high with 150mm side protection panels), medium (front face 600mm side x 650mm high with 150mm side protection panels) and a desktop screen (front face 700 wide x 450mm high with 150mm side protection panels.

Berkeley said that he believed that the pandemic might even have assisted the company to develop a whole new range of PPE products that will continue to be marketed post Covid-19 and could ultimately even help grow the business.

“We foresee that the way we live is going to be very different after lockdown. I’m predicting that most retail outlets where there is face-to-face contact (till-points, banks, nail bars etc.) will show interest as it will protect both staff and clients alike,” he noted.

Pratley Launches Pratliperl® At The African Construction Expo 2019

Pratley Launches Pratliperl® At The African Construction Expo 2019

Pratley showcased its lightweight, thermally insulating and fireproof aggregate, known as Pratliperl, at the recently held African Construction Expo 2019. The product is ideal for a range of applications, including thermally insulating plasters, screeds, pizza oven liners, bricks, boards and much more. It is best described as a modern solution for energy-efficient building.

Billed as Africa’s ‘must-attend’ construction event, organised by dmg events, and now in its 7th year, African Construction Expo 2019 provided a unique platform for over 9 500 construction professionals from over 45 countries to engage with key industry stakeholders and access valuable network opportunities.

Pratley, marketing director Eldon Kruger

The construction industry is an important market for Pratley, marketing director Eldon Kruger notes, especially when considering the ‘green’ aspects of Pratliperl. “Energy-saving is, and will continue to be, an issue for the world at large.” In South Africa especially, Pratliperl assists architects and construction professionals to comply with energy-saving regulations such as SANS 204.

Pratliperl is ideal for thermally insulating plasters and screeds

The sustainability features of Pratliperl translate into significant growth opportunities, Kruger highlights. “In South Africa, with a constrained power grid and the ever-increasing cost of energy, this is readily apparent. For example, you can literally double the thermal insulation of a two-leaf brick wall by plastering the inside and outside of that wall with Pratliperl. One can also imagine the benefits Pratliperl brings to low-cost housing.”

Pratliperl has excellent thermal insulation properties

Visitors to Pratley’s stand at the African Construction Expo 2019 will get to see common examples of Pratliperl applications, including plastering and screeding. Demonstrations of Pratliperl’s extraordinary fireproofing and thermal insulation features will also amaze our guests, adds Kruger.

Pratliperl is derived from a volcanic glass called Perlite, which is mined in northern KwaZulu Natal. The raw material is then expanded in special furnaces to create millions of small, well-sealed Pratliperl beads. Each bead has a small vacuum inside, giving the product its unique thermal insulation properties.

It’s like having millions of tiny thermos flasks,” Eldon highlights. The expansion furnaces are highly specialised, with much proprietary technology in their design and construction. South African Perlite, unlike Perlite in other parts of the world, is also very hard once it has expanded. This makes the mineral ideal for producing high-strength materials for the construction industry.

In terms of energy-saving and thermal insulation products, Kruger stresses that all claims by manufacturers should be verified. “There’s no doubt that these types of products are essential in ensuring compliance, but do ensure that what the manufacturer tells you makes sense. Consider the fireproofing aspect as well. Remember that many products may have exceptional thermal insulation properties, but what happens in fire conditions when they burn? Toxic fumes and smoke can be deadly. Ensure that the products you choose address this concern,” he concludes.

Established in 1948 by George ‘Monty’ Pratley, the various companies in the Pratley stable rest on a foundation of research and innovation in both the manufacturing and mining sectors. The various Pratley companies, drawing from 70 years of experience, have filed over 350 patents worldwide, and are ISO 9001 certified. Operating divisions are Pratley Adhesives, Pratley Electrical, Pratley Analytical, Pratley Perlite & Zeolite Mining, Pratley Craft & Decoupage, Select Hairdressing Supplies.

STIHL – putting the cutting edge into construction

STIHL – putting the cutting edge into construction

STIHL: the first name in construction power tools

Having the right tool for the job makes everything easier, faster, safer. On site, you can trust in STIHL power tools to get it done properly – no fuss, no headaches. When it comes to cutting and boring, there’s a choice of STIHL tools that have been specially designed for the task at hand.

Take for example, the TS 440 cut-off machine. This model can cut in out-of-sight and hard-to-reach areas such as corners, the buried bottom part of pipes, the lower section of walls and other limited access spots where the guard positions on traditional cut-off machines make cutting difficult. The guard on the TS 440 has been adjusted to expose the top portion of the wheel for work-anywhere flexibility. Is it safe? You bet: the expanded guard adjustability is made possible by the TS 440’s world-first sensor-activated Quickstop wheel brake technology, which stops the wheel rotating in fractions of a second if kickback occurs.

Other useful features include a top handle for well-balanced handling and increased manoeuvrability and the electronic water control for easy and efficient water flow adjustment while cutting. It also conveniently retains the last setting. The water flow automatically stops at idle speed and restarts when the throttle is engaged.

If cordless convenience is what you need, look no further than the TSA 230 cut-off machine that is powered by Lithium-Ion battery technology. There are no emissions and its quieter performance make it well suited for use indoors and in enclosed spaces. It cuts neatly and effectively to a depth of 70mm, and when fitted with a choice of STIHL abrasive wheels can tackle steel and metal pipes, concrete, bricks and roof tiles. With an impressive performance, the TSA 230 is easy and comfortable to handle.

The big brother of the TS 440 and TSA 230 is the TS 800, STIHL’s most powerful cut-off saw with a 5.0 kW engine and 400mm cutting wheel. This model is ideal for long cuts and slicing through metal, concrete and asphalt to a depth of 150mm. Its low weight, anti-vibration system, water attachment for dust suppression and wrap-around loop handle all facilitate comfortable cutting, with the added benefit of a long filter service life and increased service intervals thanks to its innovative long-life air filter system with cyclone air routing. This model can be operated by hand or with an FW 20 cart.

For perfect corners, the GS 461 cuts neatly through concrete, masonry and ductile cast iron pipes, making light work of free hand and precision-cutting tasks and boasting an impressive cutting depth. It handles like a chain saw and this manoeuvrability makes the GS 461 ideal for plunge cutting, working in tight spots or close up against a 90° corner. The GS 461 is equipped with low emission and environmentally-friendly 2-MIX engine technology and has an anti-vibration system for added user comfort. The guide bar is fitted with water channels to wash, cool and lubricate the chain, chain track and sprocket nose, extending their lifespan and significantly reducing dust while cutting.

If you need to dig holes for fencing or support beams, for example, the STIHL BT 131 one-man auger is a high performance, lightweight power tool that combines the benefits of two-stroke and four-stroke technology with its fuel-efficient 1.4kW STIHL 4-MIX engine, while the enlarged fuel tank allows for longer working periods without refuelling. This model has a low-vibration handle frame, control handle with stop button, long-life air filter system, and large support cushion for added operator comfort.

So there it is: cutting, cornering, boring – STIHL has a tool for every on-site task. With tools that are simple and efficient to use, cost-effective and powerful, with must-have safety features, STIHL is the perfect working partner.

ELB Equipment and Ammann entrench their high level of commitment in Africa

ELB Equipment and Ammann entrench their high level of commitment in Africa

The ELB Equipment – Ammann customer open day was well attended

South African Builder recently attended the busy and well-attended Open Day staged near Benoni by global compaction and paving equipment manufacturer, Ammann, alongside its southern African distributor, ELB Equipment. Here the two companies entrenched their high level of service and support provided on the Ammann range of world-class compaction and paving equipment. ELB Equipment now also have a value based Paver available from Ammann/Apollo for the emerging contractors or start up type businesses to make it affordable to grow the business.

The open day followed on the back of a week-long in-depth sales and technical training programme presented by Ammann’s international specialists at an off-site venue in Benoni.

Ammann compaction equipment is built on feedback from the customer, thus ensuring the most ergonomic design and operator comfort

A sixth-generation Swiss company, Ammann is recognised as the world leader in the design and manufacture of high quality heavy and light compaction equipment, a full range of road paving equipment and asphalt batching plants.

In his address to customers and guests, Des van Heerden, divisional director of ELB Equipment said: “The close relationship that the two businesses have forged since 2014 brings our customers the very best equipment available. Ammann is very active and is very hands-on in the global operation of its business, conducting in-depth training and unprecedented support on a continuous basis. This is complimented by the ELB ethos which in turn brings our customers the very best technical and spares support around the clock, 365 days a year.”

Rocco Lehman, MD of Ammann South Africa and Des van Heerden, Divisional Director of ELB Equipment share the podium at the joint Customer Open Day

Service and support

ELB Equipment, working hand-in-hand with Amman South Africa, imports this equipment directly and manages all aspects of customer training, service and support. The stock of spare parts held at ELB’s Boksburg warehouse and at its support network throughout the country, as well as across borders as far as Kenya, keeps the Ammann range of equipment operating efficiently and productively.

We attribute our success with Ammann to the three pillars which form the foundation of ELB Equipment’s offerings,” continued Van Heerden. “These are Productivity – where we assure our customers of the highest level of machine up-time and availability; Serviceability – all Ammann equipment supplied is designed for tool-less daily maintenance in the field; and Ergonomics – where operator comfort ensures more focus on the work at hand and thus further extends productivity.”

Wladimir Drisner, Commercial manager, Light Compaction at Ammann Hennef, Germany, describes how all Ammann compaction equipment is built on feedback from the customer. “In this way we assure the most ergonomic design and operator comfort,” said Drisner.

Elmien Bolleurs, director of SedBuild Hardware pictured with ELB support for the area, Keon Kardolus

Seeing is believing

One of the many customers present on the day, Elmien Bolleurs is a director of SedBuild Hardware in Vereeniging. This thriving one-stop hardware and building material supplier has a large equipment-hire division which is geared to the needs of contractors; whereas sister company SedTrade undertakes road construction and contracts.

These two companies operate a number of Ammann compaction machines, including walk-behinds and ride-on rollers, as well as Ditch Witch machines. “ELB’s backup and support is truly exceptional,” said Bolleurs. “And their spares availability is top notch.”

The Open Day also marked the occasion of the hand-over of the new Apollo Asphalt Plant to the customer. Rocco Lehman, MD of Ammann South Africa welcomed Steve Tinarwo, CEO of Instant Tar & Plant Hire to the podium to receive “the keys” to the newly commissioned plant.

Rocco Lehman, MD of Ammann South Africa presents “the keys” to the newly commissioned Apollo asphalt plant to Steve Tinarwo, CEO of Instant Tar & Plant Hire

Ammann Asphalt holds a 75% market share in the supply of asphalt batch plants, and retains a significant competitive edge through its focused product range – comprising large plants to small. All Amman asphalt plants comply to high sustainability standards – through advanced burner and air-filter technologies.

For an in-depth perspective of the Ammann range of compaction equipment see the Construction Equipment feature in the February 2018 issue of SA Builder.

Ammann is a sixth-generation Swiss based family business operating on a global scale. It designs and manufactures compaction equipment, road construction paving equipment, asphalt mixing plants and concrete mixing plants. The company retains a competitive edge through application of advanced technology and a high focus on reliability. Ammann employs over 3 700 employees and has 200 outlets in 100 countries.

ELB Equipment is one of a handful of South African companies who can offer a broad range of earthmoving, construction, mining and quarrying equipment from a single supplier. The company has established itself as one of the most respected names in the industry and is a division of ELB Equipment Holdings, a JSE-listed company.

The newly commissioned Ammann-Apollo asphalt batch mixing plant

Two new generation power tools from Makita

Two new generation power tools from Makita

The renowned brand of power tools for professionals, Makita, has announced two new generation tools to complement its existing range:

A durable angle-grinder for heavy-duty applications
1-Makita GA9060 Angle GrinderFirst up – Makita’s new generation GA9060 230 mm angle-grinder has been specifically designed for heavy duty applications, such a foundry grinding. This angle grinder has a powerful 2 200W smaller sized motor which delivers a no load speed of 6 600 r/min.


CAPTION: Makita’s new generation GA9060 230 mm angle-grinder has been specifically designed for heavy duty applications

Makita’s new generation GA9060 230 mm angle-grinder has been specifically designed for heavy duty applications

The GA9060 is fitted with the newly designed Shaft Lock, a slant angle press-button that is easy-to-use even wearing protective gloves. This model has a lightweight design with excellent tool balance for user friendly operation.

The fixing strength of the coil on the short armature has been significantly improved by adding a cotton sleeve and felt sheet, and the commutator has been upgraded for extended durability. The rigid motor housing reduces moisture absorption and the GA9060 is also fitted with a long life carbon brush in a newly designed brush holder.

The GA9060 has an overall length of 450mm and is supplied with a 2.5 m power supply cord and a new improved comfortable side grip.

Cutting discs for the Makita GA9060 are not included with the tool but can be purchased separately.

Makita’s new generation recipro saws

The Makita DJR186ZK and  DJR187ZK recipro saws

The Makita DJR186ZK and DJR187ZK recipro saws

Makita’s continuous innovative approach is evident in the two new generation 18V Lithium-Ion cordless recipro saws now available in the South African market.

Also known as a sabre saw, the recipro saw is basically a saw that uses a push and pull motion of the blade to cut into wood, metal and piping. It can be used in the oddest of places and on almost any type of object.

Makita DJR186ZK Action PicBoth the DJR186ZK and the DJR187ZK have extra high cutting efficiency and a cutting capacity in mild steel pipe of 130 mm and 255 mm in wood and are ideal for single-handed use. The length of stroke is 32 mm and the DJR186ZK produces a variable speed of 0 – 2 800 strokes per min, while the DJR187ZK’s speed is slightly higher at 0 – 3 000 strokes per min.

The DJR186ZK has a tool-less quick and easy blade change and has a comfortable anti-slip soft grip that provides for accurate control and a lock switch at thumb level. The newly designed vertical crank mechanism of both models provides for higher cutting efficiency. The DJR187ZK has an adjustable front shoe which maximises blade usage and a brushless DC motor as well as a LED job light, lock-off lever and retractable joist hook.

Both models are compatible with the Makita 5.0Ah (45 minutes charge time), 4.0Ah (36 minutes charge time), 3.0Ah (22 minutes charge time) and 1.5Ah (15 minutes charge time) batteries.

The batteries and the charger are sold separately. The rechargeable and eco-friendly 18V Li-Ion batteries provide longer run time. The LXT Li-Ion battery generates an impressive 430% more lifetime work with two-and-a-half times more cycles.

Stanley Black & Decker flexes its muscles

STANLEY-IMG_7342Stanley Black & Decker flexes its muscles

As part of a global roadshow Stanley Black & Decker showcased its full brand range and future strategy to its clients at a special launch held in Johannesburg in May.

The key brands on display were Stanley, Black+Decker, Dewalt, Facom, Expert, Lenox and Irwin. Of these Lenox and Irwin are new brands to Stanley Black & Decker (SBD) following the acquisition of Newell Tools last year and they were launched in South Africa along with Facom and its subsidiary brand Expert at the event.

2-STANLEY-IMG_7339Bart Muller, President of Emerging Markets Stanley Black & Decker Inc. and Manoj Panikkal, General Manager of Stanley Black & Decker sub-Saharan Africa explored the strategy of the holding company and the Global Emerging Markets (GEM) division, with a particular focus on South Africa in their presentations. Technical experts for each brand were available and demonstrating tools at the various stands for the high level guests.

The range of brands enables the company to address every level and niche of the market, from DIY through to professional, across all price and quality ranges.

Manoj Panikkal, General Manager of Stanley Black & Decker sub-Saharan Africa

Manoj Panikkal, General Manager of Stanley Black & Decker sub-Saharan Africa

“Our distribution strategy will be across multiple channels, including retail stores and distributors where appropriate,” said Manoj Panikkal. “And although we enjoy a high visibility presently we expect to raise that from one of prominence to one of dominance in the marketplace.”

To this end the company is focused on strengthening its position as one of the world’s most innovative companies, leveraging their transformational platform known as SFS 2.0 (Stanley Fulfilment System). The SFS 2.0 initiative focuses on a range of growth strategies in areas including breakthrough innovation, digital excellence, commercial excellence, functional transformation, and operational excellence.

STANLEY-IMG_7347The strong brands provide a meaningful competitive advantage and command deep loyalty among consumers. Stanley Black & Decker has a strong track record of taking iconic brands and accelerating their growth and deployment around the world.

A sealant for every application

1-NEW PIC-DEN BRAVEN-Product Range Sept 2016A sealant for every application

The world renowned Den Braven product range offers contractors sealant solutions for use across the building and construction industry.

Each of these products is specifically designed and formulated to fulfil the exact needs for applications such as glazing, plumbing, fenestration, flooring, fire protection, DIY and hardware fields. In addition these products find application in the automotive, general manufacturing and mining industries, to name a few.

The following overview of a small selection of these products provides some insight as to the design detail for the application of each, the quality and tight specification – and what can therefore be expected from other products in the range.

Den Braven Hybriflex-540 – The professional versatile sealant
3--DEN BRAVEN--Hybriflex 540
This is a versatile expansion joint sealer which can be used to seal all types of external or internal façade joints, expansion, construction joints and joints in precast elements. It can also be used for external walling and cladding joints, infill panel joints, curtain walling, window and door frame sealing and many other applications. It has excellent movement capability and requires minimum surface preparation.

Hybriflex-540, which conforms to the South African Green Building Council standards, is a one-component, moisture-curing, low-modulus sealant and adhesive, free from isocyanates and silicones and with a low VOC content, making it environmentally friendly. It is also chemical and tear resistant – an important criterion if one considers the chemicals and detergents used to keep floors sanitized. The product does not bubble or yellow and has high resistant to UV degradation and weathering. Ideal for use with polyethylene backing cord (available from Den Braven).

The product is available in 290 ml cartridges as well as 600 ml foil packs in white, grey and beige.
The FireProtect® range
Den Braven FireProtect is a complete range of fully certified and approved passive fire products for application in expansion and connection joints, openings and surface penetrations, between fire compartments.

Passive fire protection products are the primary materials included in the construction of a building. By correctly applying these products, the fundamental and legal requirements of compartmentalisation can be met. Additionally, they contribute to the structural stability of a building and provide time to safely evacuate or clear it. Passive fire protection limits the spread of flames and smoke, which also limits the transfer and spreading of fire between fire compartments.

The Den Braven Fire Protect range consists of an FP Acrylic sealant, FP Silicone sealant, FP Hybrid sealant and FP PU foam filler. Each of these specialised products can have fire retardancy of up to four hours and international fire certifications.
Den Braven High Tack
5--DEN BRAVEN-IMG_0015 copy
High Tack has an extremely high initial adhesion power and can be used for adhesion of substrates of up to 25 kg with no mechanical fixing required

High Tack adheres to many substrates such as stone, glass and glazed surfaces, porcelain, coated metals, stainless steel, finished wood and many more. It is ideal to secure kitchen counter-tops, tiles, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, splash-backs and kick-plates.

High Tack is odourless, non-corrosive, UV and water resistant. Together with its low VOC level it conforms to the SA Green Building Council standards. The cartridge is also recyclable.

Den Braven’s factory in Romania is one of many in Europe

Den Braven’s factory in Romania is one of many in Europe

Den Braven is known as a world leader in the development and manufacture of sealants, adhesives and PU expansion foams and is an authority in the field of dedicated concepts that provide complete solutions – both locally and internationally.

A hallmark of Den Braven South Africa’s ethos is its dedication to providing in-depth product training for its clients, coupled with ease of supply through its Johannesburg warehouse and comprehensive sales support and service.

Den Braven South Africa’s slick interactive website enables customers and contractors to easily select the right product for the job and also provides a wealth of technical information.