Unpacking the digital transformation of the built environment

RIB CCS’s #FutureNow virtual conference emphasises how engineering and construction companies can embrace and fast-track their digital transformation journey.

RIB CCS, the leading supplier of specialised software solutions to the engineering and construction industry, is hosting its first ever #FutureNow virtual conference on 11 November 2020, addressing the challenges and benefits associated with the adaptation, digitisation and transformation of the built environment.

Digital transformation and technological possibilities are changing how the business world operates, however, according to Andrew Skudder, CEO of RIB CCS, the construction industry is one of the least digitised industries, citing that this needs to change, given the current technology-first business landscape.

“The construction industry is ready for disruption, and as a pioneer in digital software technology and solutions we wanted to emphasise our commitment to the industry by imparting the knowledge that can help drive and guide the digital transformation of the industry,” he explains.

Skudder says the conference aims to tackle each stage of the transformation journey and highlight the benefits of the shift – from defining digital transformation to accepting and implementing the right technology stack.

Further, the company believes participation will be higher than if the event were to be hosted physically. RIB CCS attributes this largely to the current pandemic, the belief that people feel more comfortable in attending virtual events, and that the company’s global audience simply won’t allow for multiple conferences of this nature across various markets.

Apart from a panel discussion featuring industry leaders and peers that have successfully navigated the digital transformation journey, keynote speaker and knowledge mercenary John Sanei will delve into changing the perception of accepting, managing and embracing change to craft a better and more successful tomorrow, both from a personal and business perspective.

“The event is free to attend and is targeted at anyone in the built environment industry wanting to learn about embracing and adopting digital technology to drive better proficiencies and overall business success and continuity,” concludes Skudder.

For more information on the event and to register, kindly visit https://go.ccssales.com/futurenow.

Technology is disrupting the way we design, build, and operate buildings.

Autodesk and WorldsView are hosting CWx Africa – a virtual event taking place on 22 and 23 September. The Converged Workflow Experience (CWx) comprises four tracks dedicated to the digitization of workflows in each of the Build, Infrastructure, Manufacturing and PEM (Process, Energy & Mining) segments. Executives from technology users, resellers and vendors will showcase, challenge, discuss and share insight into digitalized workflow successes and challenges in Africa. The breadth of technological change in the construction industry is broadening and the pace is accelerating. Technology is disrupting the way we design, build, and operate buildings. Today’s building projects necessitate ‘BIM thinking’ to meet the ever-increasing needs of multi-discipline project teams.

Population growth, rapid urbanisation and the hunger for a better life is accelerating the demand for great products and infrastructure in Africa. According to Carel Rootman, Technical Vice-President of Worldsview Technologies: “Increasing the use of integrated, digitalized workflows is key to meeting these growing demands on the construction industry.” “A forum where stakeholders from multiple disciplines in the build segment share and exchange insight, successes and challenges will assist in accelerating the use of integrated, digitalized workflows.” continues Rootman.

By securing key industry players and customers who are using technology to solve interesting construction challenges, Autodesk, in collaboration with Worldsview Technologies, have launched such a forum. It is the Converged Workflow Experience or CWx Africa – Customer.

“We are really excited by attendees learning about how real industry challenges are solved through workflow digitalization and by being part of Autodesk’s contribution to solving African construction challenges.” concludes Rootman.

This event is recommended for Build segment stakeholders who can benefit by gaining valuable insight into digitalized workflow, ‘BIM thinking’ and meeting the growing construction demands in Africa. Autodesk is a global leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software and Worldsview Technologies is a leading market-making distributor of technology solutions.

Further information and free registration is available at https://whova.com/web/cwxaf_202009/