Saflok engineering + energy efficiency = hard working roofs!

The innovative new Saflok 700 clip, Versatile® illustrates how steel roofing is used to create weatherproof, aesthetically pleasing, and more sustainable buildings

Saflok engineering + energy efficiency = hard working roofs!

Safintra South Africa recently hosted built-environment professionals at presentations in Cape Town, Polokwane and Johannesburg, showcasing the new Saflok 700 clip, Versatile® – a profiled metal sheet with the aesthetic of clay tiles, and other product developments. The innovations illustrate how steel roofing is used to create weatherproof, aesthetically pleasing, and more sustainable buildings.

Reducing carbon footprint

Buildings must rise to the challenges posed by global warming, whilst also addressing the challenges of rising energy costs and water availability, and of course ensuring the financial returns required by the investor over the life of the building.

Metal roof sheeting has functionality well beyond that of simply being the upper surface of a building. By its nature, metal roofing can also perform in creating a thermally effective part of the building envelope, and as an effective substrate on which to mount or connect green technologies such as solar and water harvesting technologies.

Metal roofing has excellent sustainability credentials, and its versatility makes it the material of choice for a variety of architectural styles ranging from traditional to modern. It is however the functional performance that truly sets it apart.

Saflok 700 engineering

Fulfilling the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement, Safintra are dedicated to promoting best practice in the built environment, and for this reason invest significantly in innovative technologies that solve the ever changing needs in the industry and environment.

The Saflok 700 clip

The ever-popular Saflok 700 concealed fix clip, is one such a development. The new clip features a solid anchor base, ensuring excellent engagement at every rib. The Saflok 700 remains popular as the longitudinal rib embossing strengthens the sheet and allows for excellent water run-off and minimal dust collection.

In recent tests, the new Saflok clip achieved over 2kPa hold down (factored) in negative wind uplift load tests at maximum span.

Safintra also provide:

  • A range of clamps that will make the roof a source of power without compromising the performance or warranty of the roof sheeting. Metal roofing is also ideal to maximise water harvesting efforts.

  • To minimise maintenance costs, Safintra offers the range of Fixtite® fasteners which will have a life expectancy to match the roof sheeting.

  • To reduce energy costs and lower the environmental impact of asbestos disposal, Safintra offers an over-roofing and roof spacer system which ensures SANS regulations are adhered to

Did you know?

Safintra are committed to best practice in roofing, and offer technical advice from design to installation. We also train roofing contractors on request as we expand our approved contractor network.

Safintra have seven offices across the country: Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Polokwane, Port Elizabeth, Mbombela, and Bloemfontein, each supported by a technical team and specialist representatives who will be delighted to provide you with the full information pack on roofing components and roof system design information.

Safintra is part of the Safal Group, the largest metal roofing company in Africa with operations on over 36 countries throughout SADC, Southern and East Africa.

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