Exquisite Dekton® cladding graces new Majorca hotels

Exquisite Dekton® cladding graces new Majorca hotels

In 2017 the hotel chain Hipotels opened two new hotels in Playa de Palma, Majorca, Spain: the 5 star Playa de Palma Palace and the 4 star Gran Playa de Palma.

Orientated towards foreign tourism, the chain’s main objective is to provide quality establishments, a personalised service, an excellent location and a fitout of facilities and services that goes above and beyond market demands.

For the execution and set-up of both complexes, more than 72,700 m2 of the ultra-compact surface Dekton® by Cosentino was used.

The ventilated façade of the 4 star Gran Playa de Palma hotel building is composed of Dekton. The properties of the material are ideal for this application. In proximity to the sea, Dekton provides optimum resistance to erosion caused by beach sand and salt residue. Similarly, it has exceptional qualities such as high resistance to rays of ultraviolet light, colour stability and high stain resistance.

More than 9 000 square metres of Dekton in the colour Edora create an architecturally impressive façade. Walls made entirely of Dekton can be seen applied in bedrooms, common areas, dining rooms and bars. Thanks to its excellent performance in damp or wet environments, Dekton was the perfect product to clad the walls of the heated swimming pool, as well as the bathrooms in the hotel rooms and spa.

A wide range of Dekton tones was chosen to clad the different walls: soft, pale colours such as Ariane and Blanc Concrete, spectacular glossy finishes such as XGloss Halo and XGloss Glacier, the wooden effect of Makai and the unconventional industrial appearance of Trilium.

More than 20 000 square metres of Dekton was applied as wall cladding.

Dekton special architectural elements

Dekton has allowed architectural details such as the diverse pillars that decorate the halls of both hotels and the vertical structures that stand out for their elegance and beauty, to become a reality. For the 4 star hotel the subtle colour Edora was chosen, while for the 5 star hotel the extraordinary glossy finish of the white tone Halo has been selected.

The bedroom entrances of the 4 star hotel stand out due to bespoke Dekton door frames in the colour Danae. The mix of materials and colours combine perfectly offering exclusivity, personalisation and differentiation to the design.

The new buildings, Hipotels Gran Playa de Palma (4*) and Hipotels Playa de Palma Palace (5*), will provide a major boost to the tourism, economy and quality of the area.

Connected by a convention centre, Hipotels Gran Playa de Palma (4*) has 368 rooms distributed throughout six floors, while Hipotels Playa de Palma Palace (5*) has 224 rooms spread over seven floors. Located only 200 metres from the beach, their facilities boast a wide range of services such as a terrace, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, bars, restaurants and a spa.

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