CHS MBA North Forum Meeting Highlights

As the construction industry prepares to get back to work, the Association is preparing our members to comply to the Department of Employment & Labour standards as far as Occupational Health & Safety for Covid-19.

Inspector Siphokazi Kope from went through the minimum requirements for the Covid-19 compliant risk assessment, PPE (masks, gloves etc) and sanitiser (70% alcohol).  it is the duty of the employer to ensure that the workplace is without risk / hazards and that all the requirements are being applied.

This is not new to the industry as OHS compliance has formed part of the work we do for decades.

Please be aware that as a contractor you are only required to follow the minimum requirements of the Department of Employment and Labour. You will find that there are costly solutions being offered that are not a requirement. The real risk is preventing your employees from contracting Covid-19 as far as possible.

Regarding FEM (Federated Employers Mutual Assurance) accident stats, Herman Enoch said that the construction industry was at a standstill. If a worker were to contract Covid-19 on a worksite, the procedure would be to report the incident to the line manager, who would complete the WCL2 form, and that the case would be procedurally treated the same as a case of malaria regarding the paperwork.

However, it would be difficult to ascertain whether the worker contracted the virus as a result of being on a worksite or not, and this would be adjudicated by auditors, with the employer informed of the status of the claim. The Covid Task Team is responsible to government departments, and FEM would reimburse the cost of private Covid-19 testing only if the case was positive.

MBA North will be providing the latest checklists to members as they are updated.

COVID-19 tests:

Rapid tests not recommended as they only detect virus eight days after contraction, which means that an individual will test negative while continuing to infect other people before the eight-day mark. The PCR test is legal and is the most accurate test from the meeting.

Workman’s Compensation:

FEM explained what do to when an employee contracts Covid-19 as a result of work exposure and highlighted that no cases have been reported to them yet. FEM would be able to determine via investigation if the contraction of Covid-19 resulted from exposure at the workplace.

MBA North Health & Safety Competition closing dates have extended until Friday, 15 May. Please continue to submit your entries. Visit our website for more information

MBA North will assist our members throughout the lockdown as follows:


Name Position Email Cell
Mohau Mphomela Executive Director 083 477 0242
Lizelle Pretorius Finance 082 772 1945
Gerhard Roets Construction Health & Safety Manager 082 825 1179
Boitumelo Thipe Marketing & Bus Dev Manager 079 498 0848
Ashleigh Feeny CHS Administrator 082 794 3777
Sheilla Mofokeng Member Officer 064 752 4940
Phumzile Ngcobo Education Training & Transformation Officer 072 203 7163






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