Q&A With Njombo Lekula, Managing Director At PPC RSA

What impact is the crisis having on the cement industry as a whole?

Our focus has continued to demonstrate sustainable value for all out stakeholders. For this reason, we are not able to provide a detailed review of the impact of Covid-19 on the business. This is because the business and all our employees across the continent have continued to find new and exciting ways to empower communities to experience a better quality of life. Our customer- focused approach to our operations has ensured we go beyond in our provision of quality materials and solutions. A few operations are supplying to customers that produce essential products as classified by the Lockdown Regulations issued by the governments across our operations. These, for example, include the supply of lime to the water treatment facilities to enable the provision of water services, the agricultural sector and food production facilities, the power and petrochemical production plants.

What specific business continuity solutions is PPC implementing at this time?

Covid-19 has given us the opportunity to empower our employees to experience a better quality of life. Working with our partners, we are implementing the recommendations of the WHO guidelines and the Government directive, implementing necessary procedures to assist with us in this fight. Our priority remains prevention, with a focus on personal hygiene and travel.  As such, we are requesting self-declaration from all our respective stakeholders, customers, partners and employees in respect of the following:

  • The protocols that the company or service provider has in place to detect potential infections to minimise the spread of such infections;
  • Declaration of any employee/s who have travelled abroad in the last four weeks, who are working in our operations and central services areas;
  • If an employee has travelled abroad, specifically to Covid-19 hot zones that the employee not be allowed to access our operations for 21 days;
  • If the services can be provided remotely, such options should be taken;
  • Employee awareness and educational programmes and how these could assist our response plans.

What best practice solutions do you have for construction businesses and the industry as a whole at this time?

Focus on your employees as they remain key in our efforts to drive business continuity. Be sure to engage your stakeholders and managers in the process too as you work to keep your teams engaged. Ensure the teams have a platform for communication as you create opportunities for the business to operate in line with Covid-19 regulations. PPC has established a sanitary baseline across its operations to ensure hygiene standards are adhered to. Individuals who visit our premises are required to be wearing the relevant Covid-19 PPE in addition to complying with PPC Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) conditions.

Anything else you want to share?

During these uncertain times, PPC Limited remains committed to empowering communities to experience a better quality of life; we have therefore taken all the preventative measures to safeguard the health and wellness of all our stakeholders. We thank all our employees and partners for remaining truthful and committed to ensuring that we provide a safe and supportive environment – as we probe new ways to continue operations through the COVID-19 pandemic period and beyond.


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