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Whether planning a new factory, plant or warehousing extensions, drawing up architectural plans or designs that accurately reflect crane space requirements will save time, eliminate cost wastage whilst enhancing productivity and safety.

Architects, industrial designers and metal building manufacturers can now access vast amounts of crane-related data and the Konecranes electronic crane catalogue by using their Crane Planner tool. The embedded and simple online search tool offers a quick source of referencing for correct crane selection, crane space requirements, wheel loads, 3D models and 2D drawings.

“Our simple crane planning tool, Crane Planner, enables designers, particularly architects and metal building manufacturers, to quickly specify their crane requirements, view and compare designs via access to over 1000 pre-design cranes with 2D and 3D drawings,” said Emil Berning, Managing Director.

“We believe the Crane Planner tool offered by Konecranes also functions as an educational tool, in terms of how to minimise total costs and add value through correct crane selection, installation and improved crane handling procedures – all factors that impact positively upon safety, a non-negotiable element of crane usage,” said Berning.

What Crane Planner offers

Konecranes’ Crane Planner tool has been specifically designed for architectural use, making design, comparison and final blueprints for crane requirements quicker, more thoroughly researched and more cost-effective.

It offers:

  • 2D and 3D drawings with wheel loads and build-in dimensions
  • Online access to over 1000 pre-design cranes
  • Creates unique value by providing technical consultation
  • Eliminates down time for building designers
  • Creates tighter cooperation between builders and consultants
  • Offers a hub with brochures and cross references from similar cases
  • Optimises the crane and building process at the same time, making it a win-win for all parties

Berning said: “The application of the crane and associated lifting systems is an element that should receive more focus in the very early stages of the design of suggested building plans. Incorrect space allocation and confined and non-practical operational placement places operators in a possibly unsafe workspace which could have major health and safety consequences. Likewise, the choice of the wrong crane type and associated components has an immediate impact on a company’s return on investment and performance levels. Both of these elements have a direct impact of cost-efficiencies at site.”

“Our Crane Planner is a key tool to ensure that crane planning is accurately researched, giving architects access to all critical information and best in design that is needed to ensure that the resulting crane installation is functional, correctly installed, gives optimised performance and is 100% safety compliant. Metal building manufacturers who need the crane data as a base of the dimensioning of the building will find Crane Planner of particular benefit.

“This online tool is another element of Konecranes’ ongoing investment into technology that enables us to offer high-performance, practical and safe lifting solutions to our customers. It enables us to strengthen our customer relationships through an improved awareness of our services and products and to build upon our reputation as the preferred crane supplier,” concluded Berning.

Crane Planner demonstration video:



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