The Construction Covid-19 Rapid Response Task Team recommends that the annual builders’ shutdown be from Thursday 24 December 2020 to Monday 04 January 2021.

This means that 24 December 2020 shall be the last working day and Tuesday 05 January 2021 shall be the first working day in the new year. The recommended dates are an industry guideline and should be negotiated with employees based on each employer’s operational requirements.

“Our sector has been hard hit by the outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent industry lockdown which caused project delays, loss of contracts and retrenchments to mention a few. Being an economic growth enabler, it is incumbent upon us as an industry to do all we can to close gaps created by the situation. That is why we recommend that the annual industry shutdown be limited to few days than in the previous years” said the Task Team Chairman Mr John Matthews.

The Construction COVID-19 Rapid Response Task Team (“CC19RRTT”) is an industry grouping that was convened to charter a recovery plan for the construction sector. It incorporates the entire construction value chain covering suppliers, manufacturers, property developers, built environment professionals and contractors (main contractors and subcontractors).


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