Rural Flavour Infuses MBA North Regional Safety Awards 2019

Rural Flavour Infuses MBA North Regional Safety Awards 2019

Stimela Crossing under construction by Belo & Kies Construction in Barberton, Mpumalanga

The broad geographic footprint of Master Builders Association North (MBA North), which incorporates not only Gauteng, but Mpumalanga, Limpopo, and North-West provinces, has for the first time attracted interesting and innovative entries for the Association’s Regional Safety Awards from outlying country areas and towns such as Vryburg, Barberton and Ermelo. Other towns visited included Rustenburg and Polokwane.

The event, which was staged in Midrand in July, was well attended by members of the Association, competition participants, MBA North office bearers, Past Presidents, VIPs from various industry bodies and sponsors.

In his welcoming address, Executive Director of MBA North, Mohau Mphomela acknowledged and welcomed all present, with a special welcome to MBA North President Musa Shangase, Past Presidents Eunice Forbes, Neil Duncan, Pieter Rüde, Lea Smith, Tony Riley and Jason Wilmot, as well as members of the Executive Committee.

He noted the enthusiasm projected by all participants throughout the duration of the Competition and congratulated all who had submitted entries and participated in the Regional Safety awards. “It is this level of professionalism and dedication to Health and Safety that makes this Award ceremony so important to the industry and to the South African construction sector as a whole,” he said.

MBA North Construction Health and Safety Manager, Gerhard Roets said in his address: “It has been most encouraging for us to welcome the new entries from outlying areas and we see this as an important permanent feature of our Regional Safety Awards.”

Gerhard Roets, MBA North Construction Health and Safety Manager

Roets elaborated on the Awards statistics and structure, noting that 66 entries had been received and 56 audits were successfully completed between 9 May and 27 June 2019.

The Lead Audit team was composed of MBA North Construction Health and Safety officers: Gerhard Roets, Michelle Kok and Manie Van As.

In announcing the winners in the various categories Roets named the winner of the Federated Employers Mutual (FEM) trophy in Category I for projects of over R750 million as WBHO Construction (Pty) Ltd for its River Creek Deloitte project. He noted that the project stood out with a zero disabling injury frequency rate: “For a project of this magnitude, this is quite impressive,” he said. “The contractor and sub-contractors all have a strong health and safety culture – from the top all the way down.” (For the full list of winners see Page 12).

Winners of the Federated Employers Mutual (FEM) trophy in Category I for projects of over R750 million: WBHO Construction (Pty) Ltd for its River Creek Deloitte project

Special Awards were also presented to the following:

  • Best Performing Client Agent of the Year: Danie Jansen van Vuuren from Cairnmead Industrial Consultants

  • Best Performing Construction Manager of the Year: Christiaan Fourie from WTJV

  • Best Performing Construction Supervisor of the Year: Jean Le Roux from WBHO Construction

  • Best Performing Health & Safety Manager of the Year: Mark John from WBHO Construction

  • Best Performing Health & Safety Officer of the year: Jacques Steyn from Belo & Kies Construction

  • Best Performing Health & Safety Representative of the Year: Siyanda Mathebula from WBHO

Keynote speaker, Chief Executive Officer of the Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Company (FEM), Ndivhuwo Manyonga, began her address by pointing out that in global terms some 2.8 million people died every year in work related accidents, of which the construction industry represented the highest rate of deaths.

Keynote speaker Chief Executive Officer of the Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Company, Ndivhuwo Manyonga, addresses participants, winners and guests

In South Africa” she said “we have 8 000 accidents annually in our sector. In 2018 63 of these were fatal motor accidents. In one instance alone 17 employees died on the spot in a head-on collision.” Manyonga noted that the average age of employees claim payouts by FEM is 30 years of age.

In closing, Musa Shangase, President of MBA North, gave thanks to all present for their attendance, especially competition participants and winners and to Ndivhuwo Manyonga, CEO of FEM) for her enlightening address, He also thanked the range of loyal MBA North sponsors who made the event possible, the MBA North Staff for hosting the Regional Safety Awards Ceremony and Ferdi Snyman for being the Master of Ceremonies.

River Creek Deloitte project currently under construction by WBHO – winner of Category I for projects of over R750 million


MBA North Winners by Category of the 2019 Regional Safety Competition


Company 2019

A: Plant & Storage Yards

Probuild Construction (Pty) Ltd

B1: Allied Trades

PERI Formwork Scaffolding Engineering (Pty) Ltd Polokwane Branch

B2: Manufacturers

ER Signs & Safety Springs Workshop



Category Range

Company : Project

D: R15m to R40m

Belo & Kies Construction (Pty) Ltd : Toyota Vryburg

E: R40m to R100m

Belo & Kies Construction (Pty) Ltd : Toyota Polokwane

F: R100m to R250m

WBHO Construction (Pty) Ltd : Steyn City High School Phase 2

G: R250m to R450m

WBHO Construction (Pty) Ltd : Pretoria Head & Neck

H: R450m to R750m

WBHO Construction (PTY) Ltd : Trilogy Collection

I: R750 plus

WBHO Construction (Pty) Ltd : River Creek Deloitte

Best Sub Contractor with Site Establishment

Malinga Scaffolding (Pty) Ltd : Safeways Mall

Best Sub Contractor without Site Establishment

MFS (Pty) Ltd : 144 Oxford Road

Applications for the FEMEF/MAD Leadership Foundation programme open in April

Applications for the FEMEF/MAD Leadership Foundation programme open in April

Now in its third year, the highly successful collaboration between Make a Difference Leadership Foundation (MAD Leadership Foundation) and the construction industry’s Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Company (FEM) continues as FEM announces that applications for the FEM Education Foundation (FEMEF)/MAD Leadership Foundation programme open in April.

MAD Leadership Foundation, based in Cape Town, was started in 2003 when François Pienaar with the vision that “The leaders of tomorrow need our leadership today.” Thus began a comprehensive scholarship programme that not only funds education, but provides support and development opportunities for young people with leadership potential. Pienaar, who is the Chairman of MAD Leadership Foundation, now captains an organisation that has made a tangible difference in the lives of over 200 young people and their families, over the past 15 years.

François Pienaar celebrates success with the students of the FEMEF/MAD Leadership Foundation programme

Results speak for themselves
A track record of a 100% matric pass rate since its inception is evidence that MAD Leadership Foundation is cultivating a contingent of highly competent individuals, who will form the building blocks of a high-functioning society. Since 2003, 135 scholars have matriculated through its programme, with 123 attaining Bachelor passes. Overall, 37 A-aggregates have been achieved with a total of 309 subject distinctions, from 89 scholars. The organisation also has 53 fellows who have graduated with over 80 tertiary qualifications. This impressive track record saw MAD Leadership Foundation earning an initial R49 million slice of the FEMEF R720 million education fund in 2016, which has since been increased with each cohort intake on an annual basis.

It costs about R100 000 per year to arm a learner with a quality education
The projected average cost per high school learner for 2019 is close to R100 000, according to MAD Leadership Foundation. This amount includes tuition plus costs such as stationery, textbooks, uniforms, extramural activities, boarding and transport. There are additional costs for support programmes that the organisation offers to the learners.

“FEMEF is currently supporting 100 scholars on the programme and has committed to a further intake of 35 in 2020”

Pienaar, points out that, “This partnership entrenches what we aim to achieve and builds on what we have been working towards, which is to develop long-standing, mutually beneficial partnerships with corporates that share our values and goals. This allows us to create sustainable educational opportunities for young people with leadership potential but who do not have the financial resources to afford a good education. The collaboration presents us with an opportunity to expand our reach so that we can identify, develop and support even more deserving young leaders, year-on-year. We challenge and encourage corporates from other industries to step forward, as FEM has done, and invest in education and ultimately help to grow industry through a new generation of leaders.’’

CEO of FEM, Ndivhuwo Manyonga says, “We are committed to playing our part in addressing the challenges around education in South Africa. We have been successful in funding scholars in construction related qualifications through our FEM bursary scheme. The FEMEF scholarship programme enables us to broaden our impact and assist even more scholars.”

It is quite apparent that a proactive partnership between the public, private and civil society sectors is the only way to ensure a more fruitful and sustainable impact in the educational space. Ideally, if corporations in each industry invest in the education of learners who aspire to work in those sectors, inevitably the futures of both those students and the sectors would be sustainable. FEMEF has the foresight to invest in this mutually-beneficial future.

For more information, visit

Workers’ Compensation Simplified

Workers’ Compensation Simplified

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Worker’s compensation, or what is commonly referred to as COIDA cover, is a compulsory assurance that is taken out, by a company, to cover their employees in the unlikely event that they are injured or contract an illness while performing their daily work duties.

What is covered by this insurance?

Worker’s compensation cover is prescribed by the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act 130, /1993 (COIDA). Accidents that arise out of and during employment resulting in personal injury or illness; occupational diseases contracted in the workplace; and fatalities because of an accident that happens on duty are typically covered by this assurance.

Where can I get this assurance from?

As an employer within the construction sector, you can get cover through the Federated Employer’s Mutual Assurance Company (RF) (PTY) LTD. FEM is only one of two private companies, licensed by the Department of Labour, to provide COIDA cover outside of the Compensation Fund, and we are the only company that provides cover for the construction sector.

Who is FEM?

FEM was established as a mutual insurer in 1936, to provide more affordable assurance for the construction industry, after new legislation forced all industrial employers to insure their workers against accident or injury. The introduction of the Workers’ Compensation Act of 1941 saw FEM being granted a license to continue to transact workers‘ compensation insurance for the construction industry. FEM operates in line with COIDA.

Why should I join FEM?

We are specialists in providing COIDA cover to the construction sector with a track-record of more than 80 years. We reward good health and safety practices through merit rebates. A merit rebate is an incentive paid back to the policyholder for a good safety track record. Policyholders with a claims experience of 10% or less, of their total annual premium can get up to 50% of their premium paid back to them, subject to certain terms and conditions. We also issue Letters of Good Standing.

How does FEM use technology?

We provide easy access to online Assessments. We have embraced technology which allows you to complete your documentation online, which will speed up the Return of Earnings process.

How are premiums calculated?

Premiums are based on the total amount of wages you pay per annum. Depending on the nature of your business, a predetermined percentage, as set by the Compensation Commissioner, is applied to your annual wages which will determine your premium due. On payment of your premium, you will receive a ‘Letter of Good Standing’ which will allow you access to construction sites to perform your work.

Letters are valid up to 15 months.

Subject to terms & conditions.

Where do my employees go for treatment?

FEM works closely with an array of service providers including a vast network of private hospitals to ensure your employee receives the best possible medical care for any injury. The cover provided not only includes the immediate treatment of an injury but also includes the transport to and from hospitals as well as follow up treatment and ongoing care to ensure the employee is fit and ready to resume their duties.

Who does the administration of claims?

Personalised claims services by our team of specialised administrators ensure that the administration burden is taken off your shoulders. We are the experts in our field and will guide you through the claims procedure leaving you the time to fulfil your core functions.

What is FEM’s Corporate Social Responsibility?

As a company we are committed to making a positive contribution to South Africa. We have a structured CSI program that covers areas such as housing, health and social services and education. In addition to our CSI program, in 2016 FEM committed R750 million to set up the FEM Education Foundation to contribute towards education and leadership development. We have to date partnered with the Make a Difference Leadership Foundation and the Columba Leadership Trust, providing much-needed funding towards education and developing leadership skills amongst young South Africans.

For more info email

FEM commits to second year of MAD Leadership Foundation scholarship programme

FEM commits to second year of MAD Leadership Foundation scholarship programme


The Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Company (RF) (PTY) LTD continues their successful effort in contributing towards education in South Africa for the second year running.

The Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Company (FEM) Scholarship Programme was launched last year through the partnership between Francois Pienaar’s Make A Difference Leadership Foundation and the R750 million FEM Education Foundation.

During this time, 28 scholars were awarded scholarships to the total value of approximately R41 million. The funds were budgeted towards financial and personal support for the scholars’ years from high school through to their first tertiary degree.

FEM’s intention is to further develop their relationship with MAD Leadership Foundation and, in turn, grow their contribution toward empowerment in education and leadership.

Comments Francois Pienaar, founder of Make A Difference Leadership Foundation, “We are excited to continue our partnership for another year of funding – allowing 40 talented, deserving and exceptional scholars an invaluable opportunity for success. Our guiding values, scholarship integrity and unwavering corporate governance, have provided MAD Leadership Foundation with a blueprint for success, ensuring we can successfully adhere to our corporate partners’ expectations and outcomes. Together, with vital corporate partnerships, such as FEM, we are working towards sustainable education and leadership solutions for South Africa’s next generation of leaders. Together we are investing in a new South Africa.”

Comments FEM Chief Executive Officer Ndivhuwo Manyonga, “We are committed to playing our part in addressing the challenges around education in South Africa. We have been successful in funding scholars in construction related qualifications through our FEM bursary scheme, The FEM Scholarship Programme enables us to broaden our impact and assist even more scholars. We believe that access to good education and mentorship for these bright scholars will provide them with a better future and will enable them to contribute positively towards changing the fortunes of their families, communities and South Africa. We are proud of our partnership with the MAD Leadership Foundation, who share the same vision around education and leadership.”

The past year’s success will see FEM continue their contribution to the education system on an increased level, adds Manyonga, ‘’Application for the scholarship is now open to all who meet the minimum criteria; however, given FEM’s focus within the construction sector we would like to encourage applications from for scholars whose parents are in the construction sector.”

FEM’s legendary MD retires

Thelma Pugh, Managing Director of The Federated Employer's Mutual Assurance Company (FEM)

Mrs. Thelma Pugh Outgoing MD of FEM

fem logo downloadFEM’s legendary MD retires

2017 sees a change in leadership at The Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Company (RF) (PTY) Ltd. Thelma Pugh, a legend in the construction industry and stalwart driver of innovations in Construction Health and Safety, will leave office on 31March 2017, after 48 years with the company and 15 years as Managing Director, making way for her replacement, Ndivhuwo Manyonga.

Since joining FEMA in 1969, Thelma Pugh has spent the better part of 48 years promoting health and safety in the construction industry. From her humble beginnings as a Retention Fund Clerk, she worked her way up the organisation, which saw her become the CFO and later moved into her current position as MD, after the retirement of the late Cliff Saville. Thelma’s personal motto is that “Nobody, in our industry, should be dying for a job”. She worked very closely with health and safety organisations, across the country in their effort to make the construction industry a safer place to work in. She has been nominated for The South African Health and Safety Wall of Fame award, which takes cognisance of her efforts. Thelma leaves office on 31st March 2017 and we wish her well in her retirement.

fem Ndivhuwo Manyonga

Mrs. Ndivhuwo Manyonga Incoming MD – FEM

FEM welcomes Ndivhuwo Manyonga, who will take up the post of Managing Director from 01st April 2017. She previously headed up the employee benefits and human capital consulting division within Aon Hewitt South Africa. Before joining Aon, she was the managing director of an employee benefits consulting business. Ndivhuwo has experience as an independent actuarial consultant to the financial services industry. She has also worked as a consulting actuary and a pricing and product development expert within one of the multinational insurers in South Africa. She holds a Bachelor of Business Science Degree (Actuarial Science) and a Post Graduate Diploma (Actuarial Science) from the University of Cape-Town. She is an actuary, a Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa, a committee member of Actuaries without Frontiers and a non-executive member of the Actuarial Women’s Committee. We wish her well in her new position.