eTender Portal: Have You Registered?

Government’s initiative to modernising the supply chain management through the establishment of a centralised electronic tendering platform, coupled with a central supplier database (CSD) is without doubt one of the most important developments in our industry in recent years.

Not only will this system improve competitiveness and increase transparency, it will also reduce cost and effort associated with traditional tender publications, and will improve transparency and accountability. In addition, the diligent application of this technological innovation will improve the monitoring of procurement patterns, contracts and prices and will also help root out corruption. Service delivery too will improve drastically.

The eTender Portal and CSD systems have been well received by all stakeholders and are well advanced in the bedding down process.

The key points which we as Master Builders need to take cognisance of as follows:

  • Since 1 April 2016 it became mandatory for government’s national and provincial departments to publish all tender opportunities and competitive bids on the eTender
  • Publication portal Local Government will be required to comply from 1 July 2016.
  • Publication of tenders is now centralised through the eTender publication portal as the primary publication. The old I-Tender publication will be systematically integrated into it.
  • One of the main objectives of the eTender Publication Portal is to improve transparency.
  • The private sector and in particular, we as Master Builders, will benefit from a significant reduction of red tape when doing business with government.
  • The system will eliminate duplication and fragmentation of notices for government tenders.
  • The portal will carry tender notices, accompanied by official tender documents and relevant Terms of Reference.

On the Central Supplier Database: this system maintains a database of organisations, institutions and individuals who can provide goods and services to government. If you wish to supply government with goods or services you have to be registered. The site offers a straightforward self -registration process at , and you will only have to register once if doing business with the state.

Note too that the Office of the Chief Procurement Officer is busy with the introduction of an gCommerce1 system, an internal government online buy-site similar to for transversal items. This system will ensure that all organs of state procure common commodities consistently at the best price possible. The gCommerce initiative will also bring about commodity standardisation. There are already more than 15 000 items codified on the gCommerce platform negotiated through Transversal Contracts.

Like us the National Treasury has a vision for a better South Africa and are passionate about its implementation.

So, it is crucial that all Master Builders take cognisance of this important development in our industry, and those who have not yet registered should do so post haste.


Roy Mnisi

Executive Director, Master Builders South Africa


The eTender Portal can be accessed at

1:  gCommerce: Geography-based commerce is an intersection of Location-Based Services (LBS), E-Commerce and possibly other categories such as Mobile Commerce, Deals (Daily, Group and Other), Group Buying and Online Social Networks.


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