Bafikile Bonke Simelane, President, Master Builders South Africa

Bafikile Bonke Simelane, President, Master Builders South Africa

In my talk at Congress I indicated that one of my main priorities during my tenure as President will be to focus on escalating our attention to the embedding of meaningful transformation in our own organisations, as well as in our construction industry. A parallel priority focus which is as important, is skills development. This will be the topic for this page in October.

Transformation is a long-term project – one which will create a new, inclusive, just and equal society – not just for Master Builders South Africa and the Master Builders Associations, but for the construction sector and our country as a whole. It is incumbent on us as individuals and as the organisations we represent. We owe it to ourselves, to our future generations and posterity.

Transformation is not just a buzz word or a swear word to some. Transformation is about the promotion of national reconciliation, shared prosperity, and equality, as well as social and economic justice through inclusion, access to opportunities and resources without which nation-building and social cohesion will remain a pipe-dream. We must break down walls of mistrust and suspicion and instead nurture an ethos of acceptance, collaboration and productive partnerships.

As Thabo Masombuka, CEO of the Construction Sector Charter Council (CSCC) pointed out: “Transformation is about the integration of all races and all genders towards the future growth of the industry and the country. It should be measured not only in terms of black ownership, but also in the participation of women and young people. It should also be representative of the demographics of our society.”

The core objectives of Master Builders South Africa’s commitment to achieving true transformation in the construction industry incorporates transition of the sector to one which operates as a fully integrated, competitive and coherent industry, encompassing all creeds, genders and colours, and which includes a strong focus on youth and SMME development.

Master Builders South Africa’s Transformation Declaration is a bold statement which puts forward our vision for the industry, demonstrating what we wish to bequeath to this beloved country of ours.

The Transformation Declaration is also consistent with, and aligned to our 2016 MBSA Congress theme of ‘Building South Africa Together’.

So let each one of us strive continuously towards reaching this goal of a transformed, integrated and inclusive construction sector.

Bafikile Bonke Simelane

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