The importance of safety in balustrades

The importance of safety in balustrades

steel-studio-image-1-1Often the safety requirements of balustrades are overlooked when designing the balustrade system for your dream home. Clients envision floating staircases without balustrades and express that it will detract from the design. A balustrade is a structural element which may not be eliminated from a staircase and is compulsory as per the building regulations at any change in level of more than 1m.

Accepting that a balustrade is a compulsory structural and safety element in your home, there are numerous SANS compliant and aesthetically pleasing types of balustrades that will complement your dream home and will not detract from the design. Steel Studio offers a wide range of balustrades that are approved by a structural engineer and will take care of your safety concerns, however, you will undoubtedly find a design that suits your home.

Types of Safe and aesthetically pleasing balustrades available at Steel Studio include:

Stainless Steel Balustrades:

Various post shapes are available and are custom engineered to Steel Studio’s approved safety specifications.

No air gaps of more than 100 mm as per SANS requirements.

Stainless Steel is available in grade 304 180 grit or grade 316 mirror polished finish. One of our qualified sales executives will advise on the correct grade suited to your application.

Stainless Steel Post and Glass Balustrades:

For those clients that wish for an uninterrupted view but would like a balustrade system that fits within their budget, our Stainless Steel Post and Glass Balustrades offers you a glazed balustrade that provides you with all of the beauty that glass offers and also the safety requirements of our balustrade systems including a price that suits your budget.

Frameless Glass Balustrades:

For the definitive balustrade that ticks all of the boxes in terms of superior design, aesthetics and safety requirements, this range of balustrades will complement from the most conservative to the most ultra-modern architectural design.

All of our balustrades are in line with structural engineers’ calculations and SANS 10160 loading requirements, all balustrades are designed to comply with the relevant occupation categories as outlined in SANS 10160 eg. 0.5kN/m, 1kN/m and 1.5kN/m etc.

No air gaps of more than 100 mm are present in the balustrade system and are as per SANS requirements.

All custom balustrade systems are designed and tested in consultation with a professional structural engineer and in accordance with SANS deemed to satisfy requirements.

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