When bigger isn’t better

stihl-T-AKKU_TSA230-I001When bigger isn’t better

The STIHL TSA 230 cordless cut-off machine is a multi-purpose, impressively powerful machine that will transform on-site working conditions. Compact and lightweight at 3.9kg (without the battery), the TSA 230 is able to slice effortlessly through roof and wall tiles, granite counter tops, bricks, pipes, paving stones and metal. Its mobility and ‘green’ features make this nifty machine a winner for any building contractor.

The TSA 230 is powered by 36-volt lithium-ion battery technology that eliminates emissions. Being cordless, the TSA 230 offers no fuel, no power point, no generator go-anywhere mobility plus easy operation. Move from job to job, to locations both inside and out without the hassle of having to set up extension cables, find power points or worry about wet weather. With the TSA 230 there’s no loss of power through having to use extra long extension lengths, and there’s no risk of burning out the motor. For added convenience and reduced downtime during recharging, it is compatible with all STIHL professional cordless model batteries.

stihl-T-AKKU_TSA230DX100_CA-D001Not only is the emission-free nature of the TSA 230 kinder on both the environment and machine operators, a significant feature is its ability to almost completely eliminate potentially harmful dust particles from the workplace, in line with stringent international health and safety requirements. Studies show that the lung disease silicosis is caused by exposure to crystalline silica, which comes from chipping, cutting, drilling or grinding soil, sand, granite, or other minerals. Occupations known to expose workers to crystalline silica include construction work, masonry, mining, steel industry work and stone cutting. The innovative TSA 230 allows for the attachment of an optional vacuum adapter or, using the standard-fitted water connection, attaching it to a hosepipe or a 10-litre pressurised water container on construction sites with no water supply. This makes it ideal for wet or dry dust suppression cutting during interior or exterior work.

In addition to its clean operation, the TSA 230 is the world’s first cordless cut-off machine with a 230mm cutting wheel, and it can cut into various materials to a depth of 70mm – far deeper than angle grinders of similar size. A depth-limiter is an optional extra. The TSA 230 is also perfect for precision-cutting tasks as the ergonomic handle allows the machine to be smoothly and accurately guided in the desired direction for an exact cutting performance.

stihl-T-AKKU_TSA230-E004High quality and durable, the TSA 230’s abrasive cutting wheels have an extended operating life no matter how tough the applications or how demanding the working environment. Plus the brushless EC motor is low-maintenance and hardy, reducing downtime for servicing and limiting service costs. With typical STIHL focus on easy to use features plus operator safety, a tool-less wheel lock prevents blade rotation when removing the wheel attachment bolt.

Powerful, practical and versatile, this professional quality power tool is a triumph of STIHL innovation and insightful engineering. It is the mobile master of any construction site.

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