A sealant for every application

1-NEW PIC-DEN BRAVEN-Product Range Sept 2016A sealant for every application

The world renowned Den Braven product range offers contractors sealant solutions for use across the building and construction industry.

Each of these products is specifically designed and formulated to fulfil the exact needs for applications such as glazing, plumbing, fenestration, flooring, fire protection, DIY and hardware fields. In addition these products find application in the automotive, general manufacturing and mining industries, to name a few.

The following overview of a small selection of these products provides some insight as to the design detail for the application of each, the quality and tight specification – and what can therefore be expected from other products in the range.

Den Braven Hybriflex-540 – The professional versatile sealant
3--DEN BRAVEN--Hybriflex 540
This is a versatile expansion joint sealer which can be used to seal all types of external or internal façade joints, expansion, construction joints and joints in precast elements. It can also be used for external walling and cladding joints, infill panel joints, curtain walling, window and door frame sealing and many other applications. It has excellent movement capability and requires minimum surface preparation.

Hybriflex-540, which conforms to the South African Green Building Council standards, is a one-component, moisture-curing, low-modulus sealant and adhesive, free from isocyanates and silicones and with a low VOC content, making it environmentally friendly. It is also chemical and tear resistant – an important criterion if one considers the chemicals and detergents used to keep floors sanitized. The product does not bubble or yellow and has high resistant to UV degradation and weathering. Ideal for use with polyethylene backing cord (available from Den Braven).

The product is available in 290 ml cartridges as well as 600 ml foil packs in white, grey and beige.
The FireProtect® range
Den Braven FireProtect is a complete range of fully certified and approved passive fire products for application in expansion and connection joints, openings and surface penetrations, between fire compartments.

Passive fire protection products are the primary materials included in the construction of a building. By correctly applying these products, the fundamental and legal requirements of compartmentalisation can be met. Additionally, they contribute to the structural stability of a building and provide time to safely evacuate or clear it. Passive fire protection limits the spread of flames and smoke, which also limits the transfer and spreading of fire between fire compartments.

The Den Braven Fire Protect range consists of an FP Acrylic sealant, FP Silicone sealant, FP Hybrid sealant and FP PU foam filler. Each of these specialised products can have fire retardancy of up to four hours and international fire certifications.
Den Braven High Tack
5--DEN BRAVEN-IMG_0015 copy
High Tack has an extremely high initial adhesion power and can be used for adhesion of substrates of up to 25 kg with no mechanical fixing required

High Tack adheres to many substrates such as stone, glass and glazed surfaces, porcelain, coated metals, stainless steel, finished wood and many more. It is ideal to secure kitchen counter-tops, tiles, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, splash-backs and kick-plates.

High Tack is odourless, non-corrosive, UV and water resistant. Together with its low VOC level it conforms to the SA Green Building Council standards. The cartridge is also recyclable.

Den Braven’s factory in Romania is one of many in Europe

Den Braven’s factory in Romania is one of many in Europe

Den Braven is known as a world leader in the development and manufacture of sealants, adhesives and PU expansion foams and is an authority in the field of dedicated concepts that provide complete solutions – both locally and internationally.

A hallmark of Den Braven South Africa’s ethos is its dedication to providing in-depth product training for its clients, coupled with ease of supply through its Johannesburg warehouse and comprehensive sales support and service.

Den Braven South Africa’s slick interactive website enables customers and contractors to easily select the right product for the job and also provides a wealth of technical information.

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