Embattled Northern Cape construction sector still under siege

Embattled Northern Cape construction sector still under siege

Master Builders Association Northern Cape (MBA Northern Cape) held its Annual General meeting in Kimberley in July 2017, at which the new Executive Committee for 2017/2018 was announced – as were the winners of the Regional Health and Safety competition.

MBA Northern Cape Executive Committee: Keith van Rensburg – Senior Vice President; Graham Andrews – President; Dudley Dally; Martin Jooste; Eddie du Toit -Junior Vice President; and Benno Jacobs. Not present: Kobus Duvenhage.

During his presentation the president, Graham Andrews, stated that although it seems as if the building industry in Kimberley is booming the local builders and suppliers are going through a lean period as most of the construction is being done by contractors and sub-contractors from other regions. Construction has also slowed down to a snail’s pace in surrounding areas.

Sol Plaatje University Photo: M&D Construction

The good news however is that new projects at the Sol Plaatje University have been taken over from Wits and will be handled by a local team who have committed to make sure that local contractors and merchants will be used where possible.

The winners of the MBA Northern Cape Health and Safety competition are as follows:

Category Winner

Plant & Yard RMD. KwikForm

Projects R10 – R20 Million Kobus Duvenhage Construction for Quinn Flats, Kimberley

Projects R50 – R120 Million Kobus Duvenhage Construction for the Drug Rehabilitation Centre, Kimberley

Current construction projects in progress in the region include:

Lenmed Hospital; Sol Plaatje University; Drug Rehabilitation Centre; and the Mental Hospital.

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