The RMD Kwikform Trench Box Systems have been developed to provide a revolutionary panel design, offering a market leading strength to weight ratio when compared with any like for like system. The lightweight Backhoe Trench Box has been designed specifically to cater for small to medium sized excavators which have limited lift capabilities. The Standard Trench Box range are intended for use with excavators over 16t.



The RMDK Trench Boxes can offer the customer automatic cost savings, as time taken on site for assembly, installation and removal are significantly reduced, when compared with alternative trench support systems and solutions.


Aimed at providing our customers with a straightforward box assembly, box panels and telescopic struts are built with simple ‘pin & clip’ arrangements. This enables easy adjustment for strut change overs and box panel extensions to achieve the required trench widths and depths.


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RMDK also offer a full range of universal Edge protection, Access platform and Davit systems to compliment the RMDK box range. The barrier offset bracket allows the boxes to be installed with continuous protection from falls at the box panel face. Due to the increased strength to weight ratio and clearly marked handling and pushing points, the RMDK boxes are an effective and efficient trench lining system.


Lightweight and robust, trench depths of 4.2m are achievable for the Backhoe Box and 5.6m for the standard Box.

The 25mm incremental strut adjustment negates the need for alternative spindle strut options, which are often heavy, complicated and less robust. Achieving closer trench width dimensions, when compared to other telescopic struts on the market, can mean considerable cost savings to our customers by reducing backfill material requirements.

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