What does Lockdown Level 4 Mean for the Construction Industry?

Below is the official communication from government that binds all sectors. Some businesses are operating or planning to operate outside of what government has gazetted at their own risk. The below clearly  outlines which sectors from Construction are operating at which level and as members you are urged to abide by them until you are advised of changes.


MBA North therefore urges all members to refrain from wrongly interpreting the law  for their own convenience with the intention of  finding loopholes in the legislation to re-open sites in contravention of what has been legislated.

MBA North will not be liable for their pursuit to find loopholes and the subsequent prosecution and penalties that may result. This said we continue to lobby for the return of the industry to work.


Sectors that are operational during Level 4:

  1. Civil Engineering for public Work projects (including water, energy, sanitation)
  2. Public works civil engineering and construction works
  3. Road and bridge projects, including local road repairs
  4. Critical maintenance and repairs


Other Sectors of Construction are scheduled to operate as follows:

  • Commercial Construction Sector is scheduled to operate at Level 3
  • Residential Construction Sector is scheduled to operate at Level 2


We are available to assist our members throughout the lockdown as follows:

Name Position Email Cell
Mohau Mphomela Executive Director mohau@mbanorth.co.za 083 477 0242
Lizelle Pretorius Finance lizelle@mbanorth.co.za 082 772 1945
Gerhard Roets Construction Health & Safety Manager gerhard@mbanorth.co.za 082 825 1179
Boitumelo Thipe Marketing & Bus Dev Manager boitumelo@mbanorth.co.za 079 498 0848
Ashleigh Feeny CHS Administrator ashleigh@mbanorth.co.za 082 794 3777
Sheilla Mofokeng Member Officer sheilla@mbanorth.co.za 064 752 4940
Phumzile Ngcobo Education Training & Transformation Officer phumzile@mbanorth.co.za 072 203 7163
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  1. Hi.
    What do you think is the reasoning behind the fact that Residential construction can only go back to work in Level 2… Makes no sense that you can get on an aeroplane but we cant work where social distancing is easily achieved?

  2. Hi

    I think residential and commercial construction should operate at level 3 . Epiediolomigist they have said we are going to live with this virus for +- two years and the vaccine might be ready next year the GDP can not suffer for the +- year. If Mining sector is operating why not with the construction residential and commercial Industry. Construction employees must play a big role in making sure that protective gears are in place social distancing they have been practicing it since the Lockdown.

  3. good morning
    i have a client who is now living in a tent on their propperty as the renovation of their house started just before lockdown.. do you not think its essential to get this family’s house in a livable state so they dont have to live in a tent for winter with their 3 year old daughter. just asking as living in a tent would probably kill them before covid 19 does?
    please advise

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