Turftech’s Multi-Purpose Rhino-Turf Pitch Transforms Hermanus Primary School

Pre-Covid-19, the staff and pupils at Hermanus Primary School in the Western Cape enjoyed the installation of the Turftech multi-purpose Rhino-Turf sports pitch, drastically improving the school’s sporting potential.

“It has always been a dream of the school to have its own synthetic turf facility on the school grounds,” explained Niel Botha, the school’s Head of Senior Hockey. “Our hockey and netball performance have really developed over the years and the installation of a superior synthetic pitch was desperately needed.”

For this particular installation, Hermanus Primary School decided to partner with Turftech, the leader in natural and synthetic turf technology. During a four-month project period, Turftech specialists constructed a 3 818m² multi-purpose pitch for netball, hockey, using the UK designed Rhino-Turf MT15 with a shockpad and fencing system. This advanced synthetic turf product replaced the school’s existing three tar netball courts, providing a much more aesthetically-superior, user-friendly playing surface.

“The reaction from parents, pupils and staff has been overwhelming,” continued Botha. “The school is now home to a world-class sports’ facility that will effectively allow us to develop our children’s skills in a variety of new ways.”

Botha said the multi-purpose pitch also allows the school to facilitate more sporting events on-site, such as the recent hockey camp which welcomed a South African hockey player and top Boland coaches. The school has already lined up a netball and hockey clinics for skills’ development, with many more sporting events in the pipeline: “This is so fantastic for the school, and – as the head of senior hockey – I would really like to thank everyone involved in this project.”

In addition to the superior playing surface and enhanced aesthetics associated with Turftech’s products, schools benefit from long-term cost-savings as well. Unlike traditional hard courts, the Turftech multi-sports’ facility does not have to be resurfaced every two to three years, with the new synthetic surface only needing upgrading every eight to 10 years. It also allows schools to accommodate multiple sporting codes while saving on space.

In addition to costs saved on maintenance, the pitch requires no water which, with the increased water scarcity experienced countrywide, is a welcome reality for many schools. Turftech facilities thereby drastically increase property value while making the school more competitive.

“Modern school sports are incredibly competitive in nature and this is beginning at primary school level,” explained Phillip Prinsloo, Sales Manager for Turftech. “For schools to be the best they have to offer their pupils the best and this is why so many schools are opting for Turftech’s artificial sports surfaces designed by our partners Rhino-Turf. Pupils are now able to practice for much longer hours and – for hockey specifically – there is more consistent ball roll and play, speeding up the game.”

For more information about Turftech’s superior natural and synthetic turf technology, visit www.turftech.co.za


Turftech (Pty) Limited offers a turnkey solution and are specialists in the design, construction, development and maintenance of sport facilities including both natural and synthetic fields for soccer, rugby and hockey fields as well as for cricket and synthetic running tracks. Turftech also build’s traditional hard courts or synthetic turf courts to accommodate tennis, hockey, basketball and netball on same court.

Turftech together with their turf partners, Rhino-Turf, have brought the latest technology of turf products to the sporting market in South Africa and have successfully installed many artificial sport pitches throughout SA, now having the most FIH certified fields in the country with 6 x FIH National (sand dressed) certified fields and another 2 x FIH Global (water based) certified fields.

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