High-Speed Doors Can Increase Productivity

With companies under pressure to ensure as contactless operation as possible, automated high-speed doors are becoming a viable option. Not only does use of this type of door increase productivity, but it will allow the opening and closing function to be done without the need for personnel to touch the actual door.

This is according to Wim Dessing, Sales Executive at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, who says there has been an increase in enquiries for these high-speed doors with interest being shown predominantly from manufacturing operations, as well companies in the storage and warehousing sector.

“High speed doors, unlike the conventional roller shutter door, are quick and easy to open, and the entire process can be automated, significantly improving productivity and importantly hygiene,” Dessing says. “Reducing unnecessary standing time for equipment and vehicles carrying goods enables companies to enhance their supply chain logistics with further knock-on benefits.”

Apex Strip Curtains & Doors is the leading local manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of door products including high speed roll-up and fold up doors, general purpose strip curtains and welding and safety screens.

Dessing emphasises that apart from the obvious cost savings another major advantage when dealing with a local manufacturer is the vastly reduced lead times.

High speed roll-up and fold-up doors are suitable for a wide variety of applications. The doors do not hinder personnel, forklift or vehicular traffic.

The Sector high speed roll-up door, manufactured by Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, delivers both functionality and performance. These compact doors are robust enough to cope with the intensive demands of heavy and continuous traffic and feature an integral unit incorporating the actuator, controls, safety devices and balancing systems. Sector doors are structurally flexible with transparent or coloured interchangeable panels.

The company’s range of Traffic high-speed fold-up doors offer a sturdy, dependable and modular solution for medium and large entrances such as shipment and warehouse areas, and are particularly suited to conditions where wind is a factor.

Made from strong self-extinguishing Class 2 fabric with excellent thermal insulation properties, this door has been designed to resist a wind loading of up to 50km per hour. The supporting structure is manufactured from high-quality galvanised steel to ensure optimum durability and, if the application requires it, vision windows can be incorporated in the panels.

A counterweighted balancing system ensures high standards of performance and safety. The built-in automation unit protects the components from wear caused by the elements.

The Traffic high speed doors are controlled by an electronic unit that complies with all IEC regulations. It can be activated by any type of remote control equipment including photocells, pressure sensitive mats, movement detectors or induction loops.

All Apex Strip Curtains & Doors products are manufactured in accordance with international standards using materials that comply with stringent hygiene and safety criteria.


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