SACPCMP Examinations to Commence in October 2020

The South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP) confirms that its registration examinations will resume as of 20 October 2020. The examination process was put on hold due to a combination of Covid-19 related event restrictions under the National Lockdown period, as well as the upgrade of the Council’s registration system. However, with the move to Lockdown Level 1, the Council will resume with examinations as of this month.

“The Council commenced with its interview processes last month, observing all the necessary Covid-19 safety protocols,” said SACPCMP Registrar, Mr. Butcher Matutle. “We are now very pleased to announce that examinations will resume on 20 October in Gauteng.”

Matutle said the first examination groups to be presented in Gauteng would assist in addressing the examinations backlog that developed over the past few months. The Council would also, during the next three weeks, look to arrange additional examination sittings in KwaZulu-Natal, the Western Cape, Mpumalanga and the Free State.

Falling Prey to Fake News

The Registrar however cautioned Registered Persons and examination applicants to be wary of fake news and incorrect reports regarding the examinations. “A considerable amount of fake news has made its way to social media and communication platforms over the past weeks. Certain sites and fake announcements have noted inaccurate reports. One of these being that examinations will not take place this year – I must state that this is untrue, and stakeholders should not fall prey to inaccurate or fake announcements,” he said.

Matutle confirmed that the Council was aware of the names of those who had been involved in communicating fake news and an investigation into this was underway. “Industry professionals have a duty to ensure that the information they dispense is accurate and their actions align to the Code of Conduct agreed upon via the registration process. As a Council, we are working very hard to improve our services and systems amidst trying circumstances, and we appeal to Construction Professionals to support these efforts by ensuring that their interactions with each other are based on truthful, reliable information.”

Examination Booking Details
The SACPCMP’s examination booking system will open from Saturday, 10 October 2020. This can be accessed via the examination applicants’ personal registration profile page. However, not ALL applicants need to book (see below).

The October SACPCMP examination batch will be divided into two groups:
Group 1
The first group will cater to a pre-selected group of confirmed examination applicants that have already paid for their examination fees. These people will be:
– Contacted directly regarding their examination details and
– Need NOT book via the Council’s examination booking system.
Group 2
The second examination batch will cater to examination applicants that have not yet paid their examination fees but have been invited to sit for the examination. These applicants:
– MUST utilise the Council’s examination booking system to select their examination dates and book their examination slots.

Online Examinations Coming Soon
“In addition to presenting ‘manual’ examinations, we will also launch online examinations via our upgraded registration system in the next few weeks. This will provide access to applicants who face travel or time restraints and offer a more convenient examination solution to our registration applicants going forward,” said Matutle.
Any questions regarding the SACPCMP examination bookings can be sent to the Council’s Customer Relationship Management team via one of the following email addresses:

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  1. ‘Group 1
    The first group will cater to a pre-selected group of confirmed examination applicants that have already paid for their examination fees. These people will be:’…..Good day with this as a reference point…can you please clarify if I will contacted ‘directly’ , as per the above.I have [paid my rewrite fees.
    If not can you please direct me to the ‘Exams’ tab, as I require to book my exams for Western Cape asap.


  2. Good day

    I have recently booked for exams in November and would like to know when and how will i be notified about the exam venue. Where do i basically get the exam venue info.


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