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The operating weight on the standard D6R2 ranges between 18 984 and 19 448 kg (depending on attachments), the XL version from 19 914 to 19 969 kg, and the LGP unit at around 21 661 kg.

The latest generation Cat D6R2 track-type tractor builds on the reputation of the legendary R-Series and features a new cab, an updated transmission, pilot hydraulic controls and a single twist tiller bar for all directional and speed control.

Speaking to SA Builder, Desigen Naicker, Barloworld Equipment’s product marketing manager tells us: “This model is designed specifically for customers who want a robust, productive machine that’s easy to service, combined with a proven drive train system and fuel efficient engine.” (Barloworld Equipment is the Cat dealer for southern Africa.)

Engineered for demanding work, the D6R2 is purpose-built for construction applications ranging from heavy dozing and ripping, to land clearing, finish grading, trench backfilling, and landfill management.

The D6R2 features a Tier II/Stage II equivalent Cat C9 ACERT™ engine, with different power rating configurations depending on the track system fitted. A Tier III engine is also available.

The standard Tier II powered unit achieves a rated net output (ISO 9249) of 133 kW, compared to 148 kW on the XL (Extra Long) and LGP (Low Ground Pressure) versions. A single stage torque divider sends 70 percent of engine torque through a converter and the balance through a planetary gear set, which translates into more power to the ground.

New features to highlight include an electronic clutch pressure controlled (ECPC) transmission with improved filtration. The Cat D6R2 also has a larger fuel primary filter/separator, which has an increased surface area for greater debris retention and filtration performance. A ‘Water in Fuel’ sensor alerts the operator through the monitoring panel. There are also filter restriction warnings for hydraulic and power train filters.

On the Cat D6R2, independent variable displacement piston pumps have been installed for implement hydraulics and the differential steering motor, passing on higher levels of versatility and manoeuvrability.

Engine throttle speed is controlled by simply using a rotary dial. Setting this dial to Auto Shift activates two additional forward gear speeds and one in reverse.

Auto Shift enables the machine to automatically down shift to the most efficient gear based on load,” adds Naicker. “This contributes to improved fuel savings and increased productivity by selecting the most efficient gear based on the variable blade loads experienced.”

Heavy-Duty Sealed & Lubricated track will be available on all configurations, with SystemOne™ offered as an option for the XL and LGP variants.

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