Scribante batches for Fourways Mall expansion


Scribante’s mobile batching plant near Fourways, Johannesburg

Over the next two and a half years the Fourways Mall expansion project will see this iconic mall double in size to become the largest in Africa.

Construction commenced in January 2016 with Scribante Concrete contracted to supply the project with the massive amount of 185 000 cm3 of concrete over two years. “We are supplying from our mobile batching plant set up for the purpose just six kilometres from the Fourways site,” said Silvio Scribante, director of Scribante Concrete. “Our responsibility is twofold: to supply 115 000 cm3 of concrete for the columns and beams; and 70 000 cm3 to main contractor, Mota-Engil, who is producing the precast elements on site.”


Sam Maleka, plant manager at the Scribante mobile batch plant

Of particular interest is Scribante’s mobile batching plant. Locally manufactured in Port Elizabeth by Metate Construction, the plant comprises horizontal silos, water supply tanks, conveyor and batch mixer, as well as a high tech control room – all set on axles, ready to “plug-n-play” after transport to site. “Setup of this plant takes roughly a week,” says plant manager Sam Maleka. “Each silo has 100 ton capacity and batching is automated via the control room, through a series of augers and pumps which feed pre-determined amounts cement, fly-ash and water – with great precision – to the batch mixer.”

The aggregates are bin stored and “manually” loaded using a front-end loader to great accuracy following an LED display which shows the exact weight of material required.

All we need to operate is 3-phase power and water,” beams Maleka. “Not only do we have a backup generator in case of power outages, but we pump our own water from a reservoir nearby.”

Consistent quality is key to our operations country-wide,” explains Scribante. “Even though this is a mobile plant we have a full lab facility right here which tests and records details of every batch produced.” It is important to note that Scribante Concrete is a member of the South African Readymix Association (Sarma), and as such is dedicated to quality of supply.

This Scribante plant has an optimum output capacity of 60 cm3/hr, though presently it is running at about 40 cm3/hr as, having been recently set up it’s still in the bedding down stage.

Mix designer is Furio Dinardo – Scribante’s national quality manager; and admixtures are supplied by Chryso and BASF.

A fleet of six readymix trucks is in presently in place delivering to the project. This will increase to suit demand as the project moves into full swing.

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