STIHL – putting the cutting edge into construction

STIHL – putting the cutting edge into construction

STIHL: the first name in construction power tools

Having the right tool for the job makes everything easier, faster, safer. On site, you can trust in STIHL power tools to get it done properly – no fuss, no headaches. When it comes to cutting and boring, there’s a choice of STIHL tools that have been specially designed for the task at hand.

Take for example, the TS 440 cut-off machine. This model can cut in out-of-sight and hard-to-reach areas such as corners, the buried bottom part of pipes, the lower section of walls and other limited access spots where the guard positions on traditional cut-off machines make cutting difficult. The guard on the TS 440 has been adjusted to expose the top portion of the wheel for work-anywhere flexibility. Is it safe? You bet: the expanded guard adjustability is made possible by the TS 440’s world-first sensor-activated Quickstop wheel brake technology, which stops the wheel rotating in fractions of a second if kickback occurs.

Other useful features include a top handle for well-balanced handling and increased manoeuvrability and the electronic water control for easy and efficient water flow adjustment while cutting. It also conveniently retains the last setting. The water flow automatically stops at idle speed and restarts when the throttle is engaged.

If cordless convenience is what you need, look no further than the TSA 230 cut-off machine that is powered by Lithium-Ion battery technology. There are no emissions and its quieter performance make it well suited for use indoors and in enclosed spaces. It cuts neatly and effectively to a depth of 70mm, and when fitted with a choice of STIHL abrasive wheels can tackle steel and metal pipes, concrete, bricks and roof tiles. With an impressive performance, the TSA 230 is easy and comfortable to handle.

The big brother of the TS 440 and TSA 230 is the TS 800, STIHL’s most powerful cut-off saw with a 5.0 kW engine and 400mm cutting wheel. This model is ideal for long cuts and slicing through metal, concrete and asphalt to a depth of 150mm. Its low weight, anti-vibration system, water attachment for dust suppression and wrap-around loop handle all facilitate comfortable cutting, with the added benefit of a long filter service life and increased service intervals thanks to its innovative long-life air filter system with cyclone air routing. This model can be operated by hand or with an FW 20 cart.

For perfect corners, the GS 461 cuts neatly through concrete, masonry and ductile cast iron pipes, making light work of free hand and precision-cutting tasks and boasting an impressive cutting depth. It handles like a chain saw and this manoeuvrability makes the GS 461 ideal for plunge cutting, working in tight spots or close up against a 90° corner. The GS 461 is equipped with low emission and environmentally-friendly 2-MIX engine technology and has an anti-vibration system for added user comfort. The guide bar is fitted with water channels to wash, cool and lubricate the chain, chain track and sprocket nose, extending their lifespan and significantly reducing dust while cutting.

If you need to dig holes for fencing or support beams, for example, the STIHL BT 131 one-man auger is a high performance, lightweight power tool that combines the benefits of two-stroke and four-stroke technology with its fuel-efficient 1.4kW STIHL 4-MIX engine, while the enlarged fuel tank allows for longer working periods without refuelling. This model has a low-vibration handle frame, control handle with stop button, long-life air filter system, and large support cushion for added operator comfort.

So there it is: cutting, cornering, boring – STIHL has a tool for every on-site task. With tools that are simple and efficient to use, cost-effective and powerful, with must-have safety features, STIHL is the perfect working partner.

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