Applications for the FEMEF/MAD Leadership Foundation programme open in April

Applications for the FEMEF/MAD Leadership Foundation programme open in April

Now in its third year, the highly successful collaboration between Make a Difference Leadership Foundation (MAD Leadership Foundation) and the construction industry’s Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Company (FEM) continues as FEM announces that applications for the FEM Education Foundation (FEMEF)/MAD Leadership Foundation programme open in April.

MAD Leadership Foundation, based in Cape Town, was started in 2003 when François Pienaar with the vision that “The leaders of tomorrow need our leadership today.” Thus began a comprehensive scholarship programme that not only funds education, but provides support and development opportunities for young people with leadership potential. Pienaar, who is the Chairman of MAD Leadership Foundation, now captains an organisation that has made a tangible difference in the lives of over 200 young people and their families, over the past 15 years.

François Pienaar celebrates success with the students of the FEMEF/MAD Leadership Foundation programme

Results speak for themselves
A track record of a 100% matric pass rate since its inception is evidence that MAD Leadership Foundation is cultivating a contingent of highly competent individuals, who will form the building blocks of a high-functioning society. Since 2003, 135 scholars have matriculated through its programme, with 123 attaining Bachelor passes. Overall, 37 A-aggregates have been achieved with a total of 309 subject distinctions, from 89 scholars. The organisation also has 53 fellows who have graduated with over 80 tertiary qualifications. This impressive track record saw MAD Leadership Foundation earning an initial R49 million slice of the FEMEF R720 million education fund in 2016, which has since been increased with each cohort intake on an annual basis.

It costs about R100 000 per year to arm a learner with a quality education
The projected average cost per high school learner for 2019 is close to R100 000, according to MAD Leadership Foundation. This amount includes tuition plus costs such as stationery, textbooks, uniforms, extramural activities, boarding and transport. There are additional costs for support programmes that the organisation offers to the learners.

“FEMEF is currently supporting 100 scholars on the programme and has committed to a further intake of 35 in 2020”

Pienaar, points out that, “This partnership entrenches what we aim to achieve and builds on what we have been working towards, which is to develop long-standing, mutually beneficial partnerships with corporates that share our values and goals. This allows us to create sustainable educational opportunities for young people with leadership potential but who do not have the financial resources to afford a good education. The collaboration presents us with an opportunity to expand our reach so that we can identify, develop and support even more deserving young leaders, year-on-year. We challenge and encourage corporates from other industries to step forward, as FEM has done, and invest in education and ultimately help to grow industry through a new generation of leaders.’’

CEO of FEM, Ndivhuwo Manyonga says, “We are committed to playing our part in addressing the challenges around education in South Africa. We have been successful in funding scholars in construction related qualifications through our FEM bursary scheme. The FEMEF scholarship programme enables us to broaden our impact and assist even more scholars.”

It is quite apparent that a proactive partnership between the public, private and civil society sectors is the only way to ensure a more fruitful and sustainable impact in the educational space. Ideally, if corporations in each industry invest in the education of learners who aspire to work in those sectors, inevitably the futures of both those students and the sectors would be sustainable. FEMEF has the foresight to invest in this mutually-beneficial future.

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