115 Years On – Building On The Decades Of A Strong Legacy

115 Years On – Building On The Decades Of A Strong Legacy

It is for us as the Master Builders Association North team – comprising our professional services staff, office bearers and Executive Committee – indeed a great honour and privilege to uphold and continue with the excellent work begun by the industry stalwarts of the late19th and 20th centuries,” said Mohau Mphomela – Executive Director of Master Builders Association North.

A significant portion of our membership base has been with us for over 50 years and many are also smaller family owned businesses, such as HJ Wolfwinkel , who have been members of MBA North for over 70 years, Each still plays a very active role in the association, particularly in the ExCo and mentorship roles..

Such companies, to name but a few, include HJ Wolfwinkel (1947); Derek Smith & Sons (1926); Giuricich Bros Construction (1946); Barrow Construction (1905); Ohlhorst Africa (1963); Concor Construction (1936); Edilcon Construction (1968); and Corobrik (1963).

Mohau Mphomela – Executive Director of Master Builders Association North

Furthermore, it is these legendary stalwarts of old that have ultimately made the MBA Norththe strong member-orientated organisation it is today: in particular with regard to training and skills development, preparation of standard contracts and manuals, and most importantly, the great strides made in the management and operation of Construction Health and Safety

Looking to the future

Musa Shangase, President of Master Builders Association North

As 35% of overall business comes from Government projects it remains one of our key objective to continue with direct and robust engagement with Government at every level on behalf of our members,” said Musa Shangase, President of MBA North.

In this way we will assist where there are gaps and will have a dedicated team interacting directly with Ministers to promote the National Development Plan (NDP).

In the same vein, as much project investment funding is derived from the private sector, we will maintain and escalate our engagement with these companies and individuals.”

Mphomela notes that: “We envisage expansion and growth into different provinces, thus creating much more awareness. In addition we re now holding more events and workshops in the various northern provinces.”


The following are the Strategic Pillars of Delivery of MBA North:

  • Providing quality services that matter to our members

  • Facilitating best practice within our MBA and within the building industry

  • Building teams and network platforms that make a difference

  • Enabling exceptional quality through sustainable transformation.

Code of ethics

The Association expects its members to maintain a high standard of conduct and efficiency and has accordingly drawn up the following code of ethics to which all members are required to adhere.

A member shall conduct their business in a just and honourable manner and shall, in their dealings with clients, with members of the professions, other contractors and subcontractors, suppliers and employees, maintain at all times the high standard of business integrity required by the Association.

MBA North Executive Committee Members

The general management of the Association is overseen by the Executive Committee (EXCO). Members of the EXCO are elected from the ranks of the general membership.

There are currently twenty elected members on the Committee and one co-opted member. The EXCO meets at least once a quarter and follows a structured Agenda which covers governance, membership, financial, commercial, administrative and strategic matters.



2019 Office Bearers: Front row, from left to right:Sello Mokawane – Jnr Vice President, Musa Shangase – President, Wayne Albertyn – Vice President. Back row, from left to right:Mohau Mphomela – Executive Director, Jason Wilmot – Immediate Past President, Mandla Danisa – Honorary Treasurer.


MBA North markets the association to all relevant target markets, from architectural professionals and developers to homeowners.

MBA North provides services that support the continuous development of our members through educating, informing networking and strategic partnerships. By becoming a member you will instantly be part of a professionally diverse network of over 500 members. Our regional and provincial events and online resources provide our members with unprecedented networking and business opportunities with fellow MBA North members, access to employers, vital industry advice, continued learning and high quality speakers.

This puts them in a mutually beneficial networking space that creates business opportunities between members.

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