SACPCMP System Upgrade Progress Enables Invoicing Processes to Commence

The system upgrade of the South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP) has progressed to a point where the Council has now been able to commence with its invoicing processes.
The upgrade is part of the organisation’s efforts to improve service delivery to its Registered Persons, Applicants and Stakeholders. During the past months, development of the system resulted in a number of payment/registration/application processes being delayed. However, progress resulted in the Council successfully moving forward in the project to the point where the SACPCMP’s Finance Division was able to process invoices for a segment of its Registered Persons.
“With the flood of communication and activity that has engulfed South Africa over the past few weeks regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown preparations, we regret that we were unable to communicate the progress of the system upgrade to stakeholders,” said SACPCMP Registrar, Mr. Butcher Matutle. “But we are pleased to report that the SACPCMP is moving forward in this project, which will result in both improved governance as well as a more user-friendly interface for applicants and Registered Persons.”
As more progress is made towards completion of the system upgrade, additional system functionality will be made available to the Council’s Registered Persons.
“Over the next two weeks, invoicing and the allocation of payments-received will take place. We will also advise Registered Persons on updates regarding the verification of their registration status. This progress is exciting, and we look forward to offering this professional registration platform to the industry,” said Matutle.

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