SACPCMP System Upgrade: Validating of Registered Persons

The South African Council for the Project and Construction Management
Professions (SACPCMP) will provide, as part of its system upgrade, an enhanced
search functionality including the ability to validate a Registered Persons’ status.
This functionality supports the Council’s efforts to continually improve its service
offering to stakeholders through the provision of a secure, user-friendly registration
system facilitating improved governance for the organisation overall. The searchand-
validation functionality will enable all Registered Persons to:
1. Create a validation key which can be embedded into their e-mail so that the
receiver of the e-mail – when clicking on the validation key – will be taken to
that person’s profile.
2. Utilise this validation key to generate and download a status-certificate via
the self-serve portal.
3. Send a status-certificate (showing their registration status) in PDF format
when submitting tender documentation or applying for a job.
The search-and-validation function is a live feed from the SACPCMP’s registration
platform; due to this, it will immediately show whether or not a person is currently
registered with the SACPCMP.
“As long as a Registered Person is up to date in terms of their registration status
with the Council, the search-and-validation will reflect this,” said SACPCMP
Registrar, Mr. Butcher Matutle.
The advanced search-and-validation functionality aligns to the SACPCMP’s
system upgrade, which was initiated in January this year and will see its initial
project phases enter completion in the next few days. The search-and-validation
functionality is built directly into the SACPCMP system and offers independence
from any external manipulation or hacking and aligns to the Council’s registration
process at all times.

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